Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Sanitation and Health
Yes of course everyone has to answer the call of mother nature.  If  you are in a base camp, or just camping in the wilderness for a week or two or traveling through an area and camping over night, you must observe proper sanitation and hygene.

Have a area a little distance from your campsite, but not too far, dig a hole close to a tree if possible so you have a limb to hold on to when you do have to answer the call. Have this area a little down hill from you, or off to the side but close enough in case the person calls out for help if they hear a wild animal near.  It is also prefferable to always make these late night ventures in pairs.  This policy of no one leaving the group except in pairs is always preferred.  One person is to stand armed guard while the other person is taking care of their personal business and are in a vulnerable possition.  Never permit someone to wanter off to use the phasitiy go off by themselves.  The hole you dig should be perhaps 1 foot deep, and should be covered up after use.  Obviously a shuvel at the ready is always close to where you establish a latrine site.  

Cleaning, bathing, shaving, etc - all these things needs to be done daily by everyone.  You should include in you survival gear plenty of soap, shampoo, and towels.  You may prefer what is called a bird bath, or j go all out and venture into a nice cold river or stream.  Get use to cold water, but if you are in a base camp you can also heat your water for bathing.  If boiling the water, bring to a rolling boil to make sure you kill all bacteria and let it sit for a while to cool.  Bird baths are often prefered.  As always someone or several people must be on armed guard while others are bathing.  You do not want a hostile roving gang to walk up on you while everyone is naked in the river or stream bathing and their weapons are 50 feet away from them.  

Wilderness Stream
A good choice for bathing - less visibility - get in quick and get out quick - half of the group on armed guard duty while half bath - observe noise control.  Also the water looks to be a fresh mountain stream and should be safe enough to bath in if necessry.

Wilderness Stream

Not as good of a choice.  Too opon and those bathing can be seen at a great distance away.  You might have to us it, but maintain armed security within the treeline.  Excersize noise discipline and quick in an quick out in small groups at a time.  It might evn be better to follow the stream from inside the tree line and travel further down stream to in search of a more obscured and secure location which is a less visible site if poosible.

As with everything you do, maintain noise discipline.  On a hot day you and your group may be tempted to throw your weapons down and jump right into that nice cool stream and let out a few yips and yells of glee.  Noise will travel great distances and if you make that mistake, you may very well be attracting a whole lot of attention that you do not want.  Get in and get out quickly and get back to paying attention as to what is possibly around you.

It will be necessary for someone preferably with military experience to insure that such rules are not ignored, violated or relaxed.  It may very well end up being a very costly mistake for you and your group.

Sanitation is not only necessary for health but is also vital for moral.  If you do have a survival group, someone will be in charge of making sure the group does not forget these things.  It will be there designated responsibility.

A section on sanitation would not be complete unless I mention in the strongest terms, that water, rather consumed for drinking or cooking as well as bathing is best boiled to insure there are no harmful microbs present.  That stream may look fine, but up stream 500 feet, you do not know what animal has died and fallen into the water and is in the processs of decomposing.  Take caution always.

Wilderness Stream
Yet another example of a wilderness Streaam which might not necessarily be as safe and secure as you want.  It is too open to be overseen by unwanted visitors at a great distance.  However you may have to use it.  But excorsise great caution, get in and get out quick, no noise, security in the tree line and redeay to repeal any unwanted guests.