Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
A few thoughts of a Proper Survival Knife
Survival Knife
This above knife is one of my knives and as for design, rugged and dependable, it is probably the best. Yes it is much bigger than the typical hunting knife promoted as a survival knife, that would also be needed for use as a fighting knife, should it ever real come to a hand to hand situation.

My knife shown above can also be attached to a limb to be used as a spear for perhaps spear fishing.  It could also be attached to a short handled piece of wood to be used as a fighting hatchet to cut through wood for a fire  as well and since you can see that it does have a surated edge on one side, it can also be used to saw through smaller linbs for use in making a shelter.

you can see that because of the compartment in the handle, this knife can easily be adapted to a spear for the purpose of Spear fishing perhaps or if necessary to keep a lone wolf or bear at bay.

Survival Knife

You will also notice the items that accompany the knife in this picture:  a Compass that screws in as a cap for the handle. It came with the knife.  Inside the handle will be cotton balls for helping to start a camp fire, which are not shown in this picture.  The orange item shown is a fire steel which fits perfectly into the handle also used in emergencies to strike hot sparks to start a fire.

The knife may seem excessively large but get use to it and eventually you'll hardly notice its there and one day you will you will be grateful you did.

You are certainly going to need a good, rugged and versatile Survival Knife should society completely break down or should you simply be alone in the wilderness for any length of time.  The knife that you have is very important and do not pay attention to the manufactures claims of theirs being the ultimate survival knife.  They are trying to make a sale and they themselves may very well have spent absolutely no time in the wilderness.  There are many different things to think about and these things can only be learned from someone who has spent time in the deep wilderness to truly appreciate a knife that will be worth carrying along with you.

First off all of those specialty knifes that may have a built in fire stick and a diamond blade sharpener all in one knife that does look good and hooks onto the belt nicely, will not be sufficient.  I am referring to one particular manufacturer and it will probably not be too difficult for you to figure our who I am referring to.  Instead of mentioning the individual company I have here a photograph of my favorite knife and explain to you why my knife is superior to all the others that I have seen.  Even those knives which are made specifically for the military man, may not be what I am looking for in an all purpose knife for Survival, camping and fighting if necessary.  I can not afford to carry the extra weight of a number of different knives around in my back pack so I have found one knife that fit's the bill.

The knife is made of good thick stainless steel, so there is no way the blade will break and it will hold a nice sharpness for a lengthy period of time, where the cheep knife blade often are thin and weak and made of a material easily dulled from use.  Also the knife has finger guards.  If a person has ever actually been in a war and had to resort to hand to hand combat, then they will already know during this most unpleasant even the hand becomes sweaty, blood soaked and slippery. This is where the finger guards do seriously come in handy. 

The handle is hollow and like seen in the Rambo Movies, the screw in cover for the hollow handle is also a good quality compass.  Inside the handle I keep a fire stick and striker as well as a few cotton balls useful for starting a fire.  Now the hollow portion of the knife will also accommodate a stick inserted inside and wrapped with black duck tape for use as a spear.  Very handy if you are out of bullets and a wolf decides you just might look and smell like his evening dinner.  Excellent to keep him at a distance while he reconsiders his intentions.  Fight off a wolf with a regular knife, even a knife designed for combat use and you will have the wolf on top of you as you are stabbing him repeatedly.  With this knife the wolf can not get close enough to bite, if you know what your doing. 

Also the knife could very easily be used for spear fishing and on the finger guards you will see a hole in each guard suitable for inserting Para cord to retrieve the fish.  Of course on the blade also is a saw tooth area, well suitable for sawing small limbs for constructing an emergency shelter.  I have made use of this little feature and it works quite well.

Now in the original "Rambo Knife the sheath was leather and also had a small pouch sown into the sheath for holding a small sharpening stone.  This stone is something that must not be over looked.  When I get time I intend to make my own which will of course include this pouch as well.

All things considered this is the knife that I would have and if you can actually find a real Rambo Knife then snatch it up.  Whatever the cost, it is well worth it.  Whoever did design this knife had considered everything he could to make it the one and only knife to have in just such a situation of all purpose survival as well as hunting, fishing or just simply a day hike through a state park.