Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Military Training Information
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Military Training Information
For those reading this who are military veterans, the individuals in this photo above obviously do have military training and experience.  This particular event most likely was a briefing from the Commanding Officer to his Lieutenants or a Sergeant Major's briefing to his line Sergeants.  

I was never a Boy Scouts in my youth so everything I do know is gathered from my military training and or simply that which I personally have acquired and learned over the years from just such manuals, videos and hands on training as well.  That is what you should be doing right now and if you have gathered a group of neighbors together the there are many activities that you can already do as a group that will give you a better edge in survival when it actually does become essential.

When it comes to organizing a survival group I naturally gravitate toward the military structure and organization for my group and I would recommend the same for anyone else who has established a group.  If you are lucky enough to have a military veteran in your group them that is your first plus and possible step toward becoming a successful group of survivors. Now I am not saying that simply because a person is a veteran that they are a are good decent people and well trained and prepared individuals whose knowledge and experience are going to take you safely through the crisis.  However you may stand a better chance by seeking out ahead of time those of your neighbors who may be veterans. 

In addition to military veterans you must also consider anyone who has been a police officer, hunters, backpackers, campers in the wilderness and also those whose profession have been in the medical fields as well.  However everyone in the groups will have a function and job to perform for the sake of the group as a whole.  All of this pertains to both men and woman and even children of a certain age.  All can and must in some way be expected to contribute to the group as a whole.  Additionally all must be protective of each other since in this case the entire group will be as a family.

The whole point of military organization is that the leader must be Competent and Stable in order to bring the groups through some of what may very well be a trying situation for all. 

Within this military trained and organized survival group everyone will be concerned with security of individuals and the group as a whole.  The are no individuals in a survival group any more that there is in any military unit, be it small or large.  Everyone will at some point in time have to sleep, bath, eat and use the bathroom facilities.  Everyone must be trained to realize that no one just wanders off in the middle of the day or the night, away from the group on their own.  It was the same in the military and it must be the same with the survival group.  All of what I talk about will be appreciated and most certainly agreed upon by anyone with military training.  However those not familiar with the military or even the boy scouting to some degree as a child may not think about it or appreciate it.  If they do not listen carefully to those with experience and follow simple rules and safety warnings they will most like become food for a wandering pack of coyotes, wolves or a wandering hungry bear.

In your survival group hopefully you will have someone who was an officer or at least a Non Commissioned Officer and these guys will be the leaders.  If you were an officer and find yourself in that same role in this survival group, then you already know to appreciate the NCO’s.  If you’ve never been in the military then you better listen to them careful and what they teach you and value their advise. If you are one of those NCO's or officers well your job will be such that you Harley ever sleep or at least you sleep with one eye open.  You certainly are not going to be out there on a water finding detail unless perhaps it is in a supervisory position.  Delegate your authority to the others competent enough to understand what you are doing and what the needs of the group.   Your military leadership training and experience will kick in for you.  Don‘t forget to teach the others your job just in case something does happen to you, someone else can jump in to fill your shoes so that the group survives.  Remember the group needs and requirement at all times and don‘t get caught up on every little detail that should be taken care of by those you have allocated authority to.