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Some thoughts on Military Tactics:  Patroling, Scouting, Recon and Military Movements

I am a former Military Man, so when it comes to Survival of a Crisis, National Emergency, Revolution, Riots, Civil Unrest, Race Wars or whatever, I revert to what I have learned from many years as a front line soldier.  Those who may be reading this and are themselves veterans, rather combat or otherwise, will understand exactly what I am talking about.  Once a person has gone through Basic and Advanced Military Training and have had many years of military tactics and the military way of thinking drummed into your head, then it all becomes instinctive and it will remain with you for your entire life time.  It is hard for those who may not have had the honor of serving in the Military to understand this.  It is those who I write this for, but also for those who are veterans, consider it sort of a refresher course or reminders of the things we have all learned in the military. 

Today I focus on the movement of troops in the field, rather they are a Patrol, a Scout or Recon Mission, a Sniper Operation, an Ambush of Enemy Troops or just simply a small or large group of people evacuating from one area in search of a safer place to relocate.  It can also apply toward a Hunting Party or a Scavenging Group in Search of Food and Supplies.

Many of us who have been in the Military have gone through the Survival, Escape and Evasion Courses.  This is a very good basis for knowledge of survival.  It can also be a good basis for Evasion of Hostile or dangerous elements, such as Roving Bands of Thugs and Gangs who will just as soon kill you and your entire family to steal your food and the shoes you may have on you feet.  Remember this always and always think Security. 

This is a good example of how to get your ass shot up quick and how NOT to travel.  Perhaps they really had no choice and had to venture right out there in the open.  However if I were a sniper on a surrounding hill side, they would be easy picking, kind of like a turkey in an open field.

Well still not much improvement here.  Yes they have great fire capability, but they are right there, in the open on a well designated path.  If I was the enemy, this would be a great place for me to ambush them.

Well they are in fact hugging the tree line, but I would have had my team actually inside the tree line and not out in the open like that.  One well placed machine gunner and it would have been like a turkey shoot.

Ok now this is much better, cover and concealment well used.

Good Security - watchful eyes at all times forward and rear, weapons at the ready at all times.

Good Camouflage

Good Camouflage, but better in next to that tree in the background

Too much in the open, they are going to walk right into an ambush. Same advise as "stay out of the middle of the road", stay out of the middle of the river or stream.

So my point in showing these photos of soldiers is not to criticize them for their technique but to warn against being in the open.  Use concealment wherever possible and always have this on your mind.

Also keep in mind that the type of units I was in while in military service were Recon Teams working for Military Intelligence Battalions and our the nickname applied to what we did was, “Sneak and Peek“.  In other words we were trained to travel in the shadows and never be seen.
The type of units I was assigned to while in military service were Recon Teams working for Military Intelligence Battalions and our the nickname applied to what we did was, “Sneak and Peek“.  In other words we were trained to travel in the shadows and never be seen regardless if our mission was Recon, Demolitions or Sniper.  We were referred to affectionately as Ghosts, Spooks and Shadows.

If you are a Patriot Revolutionary Fighting to Restore the Republic as designed and created by our  Founding Fathers, A Resistance Fighter or Freedom Fighter and you are fighting against a Hypothetical Tyrannical Superior Enemy, then the same applies to you too, always think Security.  You will notice that I do not mention escape here from the title of Survival, Escape and Evasion.  It is because in the military you may very well be 
taken prisoner by the enemy and you may be held in a POW Camp because the enemy finds it valuable to them to keep you alive.  However in the scenarios which I am listing here, I emphasize that you can not make mistakes, because as I see it, the mistakes can be lethal as the Roving Bands of Thugs and Gangs will have absolutely no use for Hostages or Prisoners.  So you can not afford to make mistakes.  Even with a scenario of Revolution or Resistance toward the Hypothetical Tyrannical Forces that I have mentioned. They too will most likely not be playing by any common rules or laws of warfare nor will they give a shit about your Constitutional Rights.  However if you do find yourself captive by the enemy and they have not killed you, then any way that you can escape will be fine as long as it works.

OK, so the shit has hit the fan so to say.  Well you have no choice but to evacuate the immediate area.  Ok you are not alone thou, as the entire community will be evacuating to somewhere safer.   However let's say that since there is absolutely no fuel available and you will have to go it on foot.  Yes, you and your entire family as well as a number of friends and family. 

Now you can travel by roadway or along a railroad tracks Route such as runs directly through my community and the route continues all the way through from Kentucky to Florida.   Where you have a choice go the easy route of the roadway, where the populous is greater, perhaps be able to create a group of like minded people who are all in a similar situation.  Well obviously as I have always said,  "Strength in numbers".  Hopefully everyone will be armed and will also be prepared for what will obviously be a rough travel. 

Cover and Concealment

Traveling a railroad Tracks Route may be necessary, but if you do so, then "Hug the Tree line" and be prepared to duck into the tree line or better yet travel within the tree line all together.  You can still keep follow the tracks, but well within the tree line thus observing the rules of Cover and Concealment, as we did in the Military while on Patrol.

However sometimes it will be necessary to travel in a manner as to follow the tree line and not on the road.  This will especially be true for a small group of people who would thus be more vulnerable to a larger group of Thugs and Gangs.  For an Example take a look at the image below:

If you have been in the military then you will understand the importance of this image and the valuable information contained.  You will also be able to explain to you family and friends, why you do not ever travel in the open terrain, unless you have no alternative.  Route 1, (the White Line) - traveling in the Tree line.  This will provide you with the best possible cover and concealment from potential enemies. This will be true especially during daylight travel.  Cross that field in the open, Route 2 the black line and you will be seen by anyone within several miles of you location.  It is absolutely true that the route number 1 will take much longer, but is far more safe.

Never travel down the middle of the road or you will eventually run into an ambush.  We learned this early on while I was in the army.  No matter how many Hollywood War Movies you may have seen while you were growing up.  You can follow this road route in order to get from point A to point B, but travel inside the tree line or at least hug the tree line and be prepared to duck inside the tree line at the sound of an oncoming vehicle or the sound of voices of people traveling the road from the opposite direction.  They may in fact be people that you do not want to encounter, such as the following types of people.

Consider also the fact that everyone else will also be following these well established routes.  Such as the following provided they survived and were able to exit the inner city.

I use these Gang Member photos to show an example of the real threat to you and your family during any such crisis that may occur.  It does not matter if you are black, white, Asian or Hispanic, these types of gang members will just as soon kill you and take what you have.  If you have a wife and daughters, then just imagine what their fate will be before they too will be killed.  Now you may be understanding a little bit of what I am trying to say.  During a real crisis or collapse of society, there will be no police to protect you and your family.  There will be no National Guard or Army Troops to save you and your family.  You and your family, friends and neighbors will be on your own.  Survival will depend upon primarily if you have weapons and ammo and the knowledge, wisdom and toughness needed to survive.

This article is not yet finished, please check back as I will be posting as I write this article

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