Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Hunting And Fishing With Bow And Arrow

Slingshot Arrow Mod
Making a PVC Bow and Arrow

Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk)

Archery Fast Shooting (Kinzhalka. Shot with a reversal)
Rapid Fire Speed Archery Almost as fast Pistol Semi Auto Gun Vs Bow
Hunting Dragonflies with a Primitive Bow 1

I also like to having a "Sling Shot Bow" for Hunting and Fishing.  Yes it does have enough power to bring down a deer if properly designed and made.  It will also easily fit into or hook onto a back pack.  The key to power is the rubber draw.  See also the video in the left column to find out more about it.
Sling Shot Bow
For those who prefer a traditional Bow and Arrows - the following
Long Bow and Pretty Woman
A Pretty Woman with a Long Bow - Both are pleasant to look at.

Over the years I have become quite proficient, skilled and fast with the long bow.  My technique is the same employed by the Conquering troops of "Attila The Hun" which at the time was such a dramatic advance in technology that without it he would never have been able to conquer the vast amount of Europe that he did.  I hold three arrows in my left hand and the 5 foot Long Bow in the right hand.  This way instead of having to reach back over my shoulder for another arrow and place that arrow into the Bow and fire, I am able to eliminate one step, thus increasing my speed. 

Further more there is a technique that many people who try using the bow are not aware of.  That is instead of having your left hand do all of the work pulling back on the string and then releasing, what I do is pull back on the string at the same time that I am thrusting the bow forward.  In this manner both arms are equally divided between doing the work.  This also increases the speed at which I can project 3 arrows.  Generally my speed is approximately 2.5 seconds for three arrows.  Try it some time, it sounds much easier that it really is and generally takes several years of constant practice to be able to achieve.  In order to maintain proficiency in Archery, your skill must be polished often and the program is:  practice, practice and more practice.

I also use the same technique as the woman in the 1st video in the left column. Her bow is a 5 foot long bow and particularly excellent because its light weight and the size helps her speed of shooting, in addition to her obvious passion for the ancient art and skill which she is also obviously very well practiced and polished in.

For Long Term Survival

If society collapses, guys like me will have weapons of the Rifle, Pistol and ammunition, which of course is my preferred weapons for self protections or for hunting, however if society suffers a prolonged collapse, eventually the ammunition will run out.  I will as a minimum need to be able to hunt game for food, such as deer and rabbit and even fish.  Yes we do use a bow for fishing.  Itt simply is referred to as "Bow Fishing".  As for self protection, well if you have absolutely no ammunition left for that long rifle or pistol, then either a spear or long bow and arrows may be all you have to protect yourself from hungry wolves and coyotes or even Human predators.

Now many people may prefer a compound bow and I appreciate that.  The compound bow actually causes much less fatigue on the arm muscles.  With the compound bow being designed in such a manner that the initial pull of the string is the hardest physical requirement and at a point in the pull of the string it becomes very easy to pull back and hold while aiming.  With a long bow this is not the case and during the aiming period of holding the string back, the arm muscles are in maximum stress.  Time and Practice strengthens the archers muscles and in time it is not as difficult as when first beginning.. Just like anything else the archer must constantly practice and work at it to maintain arm strength, otherwise after long periods of no practice the arm becomes weaker.

Now if a person uses a compound bow or a cross bow for survival, they are in fact leaving themselves vulnerable to a problem.  In order to re-string a compound bow or a cross bow, you need a special machine that you will not be able to place in your back pack and haul around with you and you will not be able to find one in the wilderness nor anyone who does know how to restring that impressive compound bow or cross bow.  So at that point you will be left with a worthless piece of junk that cost you a lot of money to acquire.  The best alternative is the long bow and you must also learn how to replace the string when and if it breaks.  Additionally you must also learn how to produce arrows in the wild as well as the entire long bow in the traditional manner from the wood you may find in the wilderness.

I live in the United States, in the woodland areas of the Country where the wood for both the long bow and the arrows are plentiful as well as for suitable materials for the Arrow points and the necessary pine sap which you will use for cementing the arrow points onto the arrow.  These are very ancient technology which I have learned from the American Indians here in the United States who I am grateful have keep the ancient arts alive over the many centuries and should the conditions require it, I am very confident in my survival and hopefully you too will take the time to learn the skills.

There is a lot to the skill itself and I will try to include videos which will be helpful for you.

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