Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Military versus Civlian Survival Gear
(1) - First off it is probably 3 times more expensive than regular camping gear.
(2) - Second if there is a national emergency and possibly an evacuation, you do not want to be in military style clothing, back pack, Army Boots, or any of that stuff.  You will stand out like a sore thumb and if there are police or national guard conducting or supervising an evacuation and they see someone in the crowd dress completely in camouflage and sporting a military backpack, the first thing they will say to themselves is, "let's check that guy out he looks like he could be heavily armed".

Remember Hurricane Katrina when they confiscated guns from homes and from people who were evacuating?  This alone is a good reason to NOT want to stand out in a crowd.  Those citizens were had legitimate reasons for being armed since obviously law and order had complete collapsed and the people were left to fend for themselves.  The irresponsible and unlawful confiscation of those citizens weapons left them unable to protect themselves and thus they became pre to the roving gangs of thugs.  Woman were raped and disarmed citizens were beaten and robbed of what little they had left.  In the end the government officials on a local level have no idea how many citizens were murdered by roving bands of thugs because they were disarmed by the police.

Of all my personal gear that I have for emergency use and for evacuation is typical civilian camping gear.  It cost less, it is easier to get a hold of and as for quality it is usually even better than military gear.  Believe me when I say that when comparing military boots to civilian hiking boots or mountain boots, there is no comparison, the civilian stuff wins first place every time.  Also never overlook the value of rubber boots and wet weather jacket and pants.  One day you will be grateful for spending a little more money.  Pack them away in your gear, you will need them eventually.

If you are a Resistance fighter, you also do not want military gear.  Buy your cloths you intend to use for survival from a sporting good store.  Control the temptation to buy all that neat looking hunting camouflage also, sure it looks nice, but you can not very well blend in with the civilian population by being completely clothed in camouflage while you are trying to walk through a city or even a town.  You'll stand out among the crowd.
Considering both Military and Civilian Gear, there are a number of reasons why I recommend staying away from Military Gear to buy for your survival gear.

There are only Three items that I do have as part of my survival gear that is at all related to the military.  Those are of course my weapons, consisting of
(1) - an AKMS Russian Rifle often referred to as an AK47 and an AR-15 Carbine.
(2) - a military camouflage wet weather poncho, which I would only use if I was in fact in the wilderness or a woodland area and in fact did not want to be seen from a distance.  Covered over top of my civilian camping cloths,  would be well camouflaged in the wood land area.
(3) - my military poncho liner which makes a very warn blanket.  You can get these in olive drab green but mine is camouflage because that's what they had on hand at the army store.  If these poncho liners get wet, they will dry out quick in the sunlight.  Now items two and three would be stored in my back pack when not is use and not be seen at all during a standard evacuation. Speaking of my back pack, it too is a civilian design and is colored black.

I do recommend that when you shop for any items of clothing, boots, shirt, etc. select those items that are more earth tone colors, instead of camouflage.  Avoid the bright colors.  When you are camping it may very well be more desirable to deliberately avoid attracting attention and unwanted guests.  You may not be wearing camouflage, but you do want your campsite and yourself to be somewhat concealed in among your surroundings, perhaps in the tree line instead of being in the middle of an open field.  The 2 man tent that I have is blue, but what I do is chop some tree limbs and place them around the tent in order to mask the color so that from a distance my camp site is not seen by people passing by.  If you can find a civilian tent that is green or perhaps brown, great buy it instead of the blue one.

With my cloths and gear, I could be walking down any hiking trail, come across someone hiking in the opposite direction and not really seem out of place.  In other words I would look like anyone else out on a little hiking trip for the day.  Even my weapons are somewhat compact.  I have the Russian AKMS which has a folding stock and can easily be slung over the shoulder under a jacket and no one passing by would be able to see it.  I recommend that in most cases of survival all you really need is a good side arm, such as a Glock or a Baretta, hooked onto the belt or in a shoulder holster and ready at a moments notice should you encounter a bear while hiking down the trail or while in your camp site.  It is there when you need it, but it does not stand out or draw unwanted attention should you be having to evacuate your home on foot.

Now if you do have a side arm such as I have explained, then you may want to also acquire what is called a survival rifle.  These rifles are usually a 22 caliber rifle which is well suited for hunting rabbit, wild turkey, squires, and other small game.  The name of these little rifles is U.S. Survival AR-7.  Below are some pictures and as you will see, it can fit very easily into your back pack.  The other advantage is the weight of the ammo is light.  Make sure you stock up on ammo.
Survival RifleSurvival RifleSurvival RifleSurvival Rifle
Some people may also want to have a standard type of 30-06 or a 308 typical hunting rifle.  These will be fine for the bigger game such as a deer.  Or if you are like me, you can hunt fine with that AK47 as well.  I suppose you could drop a deer with the side arm but your accuracy range will be far less than with a rifle.

So in short the military stuff is not always best, when you consider all circumstances.  I know that if you are like me and you have been in the Army or any branch of military service, it is difficult to break free of all that military training, but this is something that like me, you will have to work on.  If you found yourself  having to walk though a city, town or village and you were dressed from head to toe in military style uniform with military backpack, well everyone would notice you immediately.  However if you were wearing a pair of jeans, hiking boots, typical autumn brown jacket and sporting a black backpack, no one would pay the slightest bit of attention to you.  This is what you want, to be able to blend into a crowd.  In the wilderness if you did want to blend into the surroundings, you would just simply remove that camouflage poncho you have tucked away in your backpack for just such an occasion.