Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Survival Gear Common Sense
Clothing, Weapons, Equipment and Supplies
Skyline 8.0

(1) - AKMS - your weapon can be whatever you prefer.  For me, I like to have the AK which can easily be used to fight off a hungry bear or to kill a deer for food, which fires a round similar to a standard 308 which is great for both hunting and self defence.  I also have an AR-15 which fires the 5.56 mm round, which is of course a lower size caliber round.  It may be suitable for self defence but some people debate rather it is sutable for hunting game.  However if that is all you have then so be it.

(2) - Glock 17 is my favorate side arm. I show here 2 magazines but my preference is to have about 6 plus one in the weapon.  The Holster I use is an ammo pouch which was for a 5.56 magazines which I find very comfortable slung around by shoulder.  

(3) - The All Purpose Knife, rugged, good steel.  Don't Leave home without it but don't go with any of those smaller thin blades, they could easily break if you have to defend yourself against a wolf or bear that caught your off guard.  One of my particular favorate  particular knives does have a hollow handle which is where I keep a fire steal, cotton balls and the screw cap also houses a compass.
The blade is very thick and if properly taken care of will outlive any of mortals.

(4) - Backpack - Mine in particular is called "Outdoor Products" "Skyline 8.0" and is Black in color. Made of thick vinul and as such is waterproof.

(5) - Flash Light - this particular one is both a crank carge and a solar charge - it will come in very handy in the wilderness or any survival situation where your odds of finding batteries will not be very likely.

(6) - Poncho - I do keep a poncho which is the military tipe, but it is always kept inside the backpack so that I do not appear to be military.  However if in a situation such as a revolution it will make a very good substatute for  military camoflage and I will be able to blend in well into the woodland.  I also have a similar one that is off white for use in snow conditions for camoflage.

(7) - Scout Tent - this one I bought at that big department store and cost me about $25.  Remarkably it is rugged and relyable.  Be very careful in the winter time though and make sure you do not try to have a fire inside.  The material in Vinal so you will have to excercise caution around any heat.    However a person inside of a sleeping bag and inside of the tent will sleep quite comfortably even under extreme cold conditions.

The point of this image is to give you an idea as to what I personally have a my survival gear and to emphasize the point that you do not need military camoflage and that in many cases camoflage may be a hinderrence to you and put you at risk.

(8) - you will also notice that in the side of the backpack I have regular hiking water bottles instead of military canteens.  Inside the backpack I have a kit for cooking so that I can easily boil water and cook canned food,.  I do not find I need the military canteen, cup and stove that we used when I was in the army.

Survival Gear
The above photo is part of my bugout bag and contains what I would need to survive in the wilderness for a considerable period of time.  I show this here because as mentioned in this article, other than the Weapons: Rifle, Pistol & Holster and kife, it does not look military.  This is by design as during an evacuation or a rvolution I do not want to appear as though I was military.  I want to be able to blend into any of the rest of the population who may be evacuating or anyone out in the woods on a hiking trip.  Remember keep it simple, but have the things you will need to survive.  This is only a portion and particularly does not include the sleeping bag. If I had to I could also slip the Rifle into the backpack by folding the stock. The entire purpose is to remainas descriete as possible and not draw any unneccisary and unwanted attention to myself.  As for the pistol and knife, they can easily be cocealed under a jacket and will be available should the need arise.

(For an explaination of the things in my Bugout Bag (Back Pack) seen in this picture, see my article index  Be The Survivor - Survival and the Coming Crisis

Things to Consider

For those of you who, like me have been in the Military,  there is an automatic tendency to aquire military Gear, Clothing and Equipment as part of our bugout bag.  however this may not be a good idea.   Although the tendency toward this has been ingrained within us as part of our military training, it is my opionion that this is something you should consciously condition yourself away from.  If you have been through Commando Training such as I have you will remember the lessons taught about blending into the native population so that you do not draw attention to yourself. At a distance or up close, you do not want to stand out or draw attention to yourself.  During an evacuation of civilian populations their is nothing that will draw more attention and scrutany than someone dressed and equiped as a soldier is.  If the evacuation is supervised by Police, national guard or military you will stand out and their first responce will be, "this is a guy we need to check out, he's probably armed".  Thus they will most likely confiscate whatever weapons you do have.  In a Revolution you will probably be shot on sight or if you will taken into custody as a Rebel.  Consider also  the scenario where a foreign Military has invaded the country.  If you are dressed in civilian clothing you will blend in with everyone else who is dressed in Jeans or hiking gear.  

In today's modern era of hiking gear, much of the equipment designed for the public is better that that contracted by the military and it is generally much more conformtable too.  As a added benefit the cost is also much less than what you pick up at an army surplus store or a military warehouse.  

I do have most of the complete military gear, but celdome use it and in an evacuation I would not bother with it. Traveling light will be essential in most cases.  I also know that if there is in fact a Violent Revolution in the United States, those who are even wearing hunting cloths and gear will most like be singled out as a possible rebel.  Plus you could very well get shot by an enemy patrol who may normally have ignored a person walking down the street in jeans and common jacket.  As for camoflage, I would shy away from it in favour of something like a camoflage poncho which could easily be put on when you need to blend into the forest or a snow covered woodline.  It could also as easily be discarded in the event of an enemy patrol coming anywhere near you, along with your weapon for later recovery.

The collection of survival gear must be something well thought out in advance and collected now while you really do not need them.  If you wait until such a time that you do need them, they will most likely not be available.  The same holds true with food rations.

Food rations that are avilable exclusively designed for camping, survival or for hunting, like military rations may be much more expensive that regular canned food and rice, oatmeal and other things useful during an emergency. Common sense should tell you what you need and avoid a hugh variety as as much as possible.  Your meals may end up being boring, but they are intended to keep you alive, and not to entertain you.  Canned meat such as spam can taste pretty good after a few days of no food so get over that expensive and exotic taste you may have, it won;t be available in the wild anyway.  Furthermore you might as well also get use to deer and rabbit meat now so you'll be acustomed to it later.

Your gear should be essential.  To give you an example, my back pack is  made by Outdoor Products black coloued Skyline 8.0 which I bought at that big box department store a number of years ago.  It is vinal so, unlke the military back packs the material will not absorb any moister or water.  It is waterproof and light weight.  It fits well , it's padded where it needs to be and it is light weight.  For me it is perfect and I think it only cost me about $39 but now lists for $59.  Your does not have to be this particular name brand, as there are many out there well suited at a reasonable price.  I recommend avoidin gthe tremendously expensive one, as you will have plenty of other things to spend money on.  For the price of the mosre expensive one you could buy 3 of the kind like I have and have a few spares just in case you need them.  One of the features that I like is the side posts that are part of the belt that wraps around the wait to make it right comfortabley for you.  These pockets are where I keep a pocket knife, fire steel, cotton balls and other various survival tools that I know I will need, Including extra magazines for my pistol.