Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Food From Nature
Clams Oysters Mussles River Foraging Wild Edibles
Wild Mulberry : Edible and Medicinal Uses
Wild Edibles: The Paw Paw

Food is really all around us in many cases.  Sometimes we do have to go looking for it, scouting them out as the American Indians did, but they are there.  Knowledge is the key essential thing to have. In this section I prefer to place these videos for you to watch and learn from.  These people really do know what they are talking about. 

During a crisis they will be survivors.  Their knowledge can save your life, perhaps in the not too distant future, especially during a survival situation.  While others may be in a state of panic and confusion because they suddenly have found their traditional means of acquiring food cut off, such as the local grocery store, you will know where to find what you need.  Do not rely entirely upon what you see or read here al;one.  Spend some time researching on line or at your local library to find out as much as possible of edable things you find in the wild and learn also those things you must know to stay away from.  An example being that many barries and musrooms you see in the wild are edable but many are poisonous.  Know how to tell the differences before you eat it.

Wild Edibles Black Walnut

Dandelions : Edible and Medicinal Uses

Wild Edible: Wapato or Duck Potato
Acorns As Survival Food