Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Survival Food
Well the crisis is here and upon us all, including you and your family.  Great you stocked up and have enought to perhaps get you through a few months, perhaps even a year.  Well eventially that will run out.  Hopefuly you know how to hunt, fish, trap and colelct food from nature itself because that is what will make the difference for you and your family.  

01 - Collecting Food from Nature itself:  There are many plants that are edible that we have never paid any attention to as we lived our lives in relative comfort all these years.  Shortly after the crisis you will forget about all of those grochery stores but you will have dreams of those shelves being filled with what now seems to be heaven on earth.  Of if you had your way you would have stocked all the shelves in your house to the ceiling, but forget about all that.  Food is now an essential item.  Foget also about how picking and discriminatiung you use to be about the food you ate.  Right about now you realize, food is fuel, the same as for your vehicle.  Without it, you will die.  

I have a particular section regarding, "Food From Nature" and those idems which can be found growing all around us.  Sometimes we have to dig alittle to get to the roots of those wild potatoes that we never realized before were just growing wild down by the local stream.  They are sometimes called Indian Potatoes and yes, the Idians of North America knew all about them.  As a matter of fact these potatoes was one of the main supple of their diet, along with Corn and vegitables, berries and buts they found growing wild.   Even the plants we all grew up thinking were a nuscence to us and our beaautifully manicured lawns, the dandilion and the clover.  Both of these plants are edible and after you get use to them, they may very well be what saves your lives.  You will certainly not snub your noses up at the thought of eating them. 

In that section you will find videos by people who are well experienced at finding and collecting many of the natural foods which exist around us most of the time.  I like to refer often back to our ancient pioneer ancestors who came to the Colonies early on.  Many of them died from Scurvy, which is a desease resulting from a deficiency of Vitamine C. Scurvy was at one time common among sailors, pirates and others aboard ships at sea longer than perishable fruits and vegetables could be stored (subsisting instead only on cured and salted meats and dried grains) and by soldiers similarly deprived of these foods for extended periods.  

The early Colonists simply did not understand that simple plants existing around us could have been used to prevent Scurvy.  Although they were tough and determined survivors, they simply lacked the knowledge and experience that you and I have now. See my section titled:  Survival Health - Scurvy.