Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Survival Fishing
The Ultimate Primitive Basket Fish Trap
Intro to Spear Fishing for Wilderness Survival
How to Cook Fish in a Survival Situation 

Like many people I did not grow up learning how to fish although I should have becasue I do enjoy eating fish.  Since I have never been a fisherman I will leave it to the expert in this aspect of survival to provide the instrctions and tips found here in their videos.  I  have learned alot from watching these videos and applying that which they teach.

I have recently begun bow fishing and spear fishing, which I have caught onto very quickly and feel somewhat confident that I would be able to catch enough so as to feed myself and family.  I do encourage the reader to explore these aspects of fishing, since in a survival situation they may be much easier to provide enough fish needed to survive..

How To Make Your Own Fishing Net
Native American fish trap, Wilderness Survival

Slingshot Arrow Mod - Fishing
Cleaning Catfish