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How to Make Char Cloth in an Altoids Tin

I always carry with me on my key chain a "fire Steel and I recommend that you consider it one of the most valuable and vital tools of your bugout bag.  Without it you may very well die from exposure and be unable to cook your meals.  If you try to eaat raw fish and meat, you may also very well die from desease and virus.  Plus without the ability to sanitize water from the river, you may contract waterborn virus that can also kill you.  Without it, there is in my opinion no chance for survival.

Now if you allow yourself to only be familiar with using a pack of matches, lighter or even a fire steel, what if all of those things fail or become lost and you are out there with only the things you find in nature to try to start a fire.

If you were a boyscout, girlscout or in the military great, you may very well still remember how to start a fire from sratch.  However familarise yourself with how to start a fire in just such cases.  I have included here videos made by other people who are knowledgeable with survival skills.  I watch these often and try them out myself as a way to continue to sharpen my own skills for the time that I know I will needd them and you should do the same.
How to make Char Cloth
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