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Fire and Cooking
Colman 533
Coleman 533 Camping Stove - runs on Regular Unleaded Auto Fuel - Price - about $60

MSR DragonFly Camping Stove
The MSR DragonFly Camping Stove will run on  white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel and jet fuel. It is easy to carry and store, the DragonFly folds to one-third of its working size. Price is around $129.95 and the fuel bottle is another $20
MSR Fuel Bottle
20 Oz MSR Alluminum Fuel Bottle
Compact Folding Stove
Compact Folding Camping Stove
cost abot $10

When using any fuel burning stove inside a tent or home make sure you provide ventalation!

When it comes to camping stoves my personal choice is always to keep it easy and simple.  For this reason I have two which I personally Recommed.  The prices do differ greatly and I have found the Colman 533 to be quite sutable and reliable as well as being affordable.   I do recommend that you buy a spare pump which usually costs around $10.  You will probably never need it, but if you do you will probably not be anywhere near a store.   If you have the money to spend, you will also like the MSR DragonFly.  Both of these are pictured in the right column.

There are also many campers who prefer to use a sterno fuel camping stove.
 These Sterno Cans contain a fuel jell and the birn time is about 5 hours per can or SafeHeat which has about the same burn time.  Bth of these are convienient and easy to use.  See Images of both in the right column.

Another Choice which I often use is to use an alcohole Stove (Rubbing Alcohole) which burns clean and hot.  To keep things simple I will use an empty can to contain the alcohole and will use a compact folding stove, which you can also find to the right.  If necessary you could use any fuel that you might find be it regular vehicle fuel , lamp oil or just about anything to boil water and cook.  

Personally I would avoid using propane or butane as during an emergency you will most likely not have access to any refilling of canisters.  It is this particular reason that I personally prefer the Colman Camping stove that runs of regular unleaded auto fuel.  

Below I have vaious video which I have found which are well worth watching.

 How to make Chimney-Jet alcohol stove
Birch Oil, Amazing.
Swedish Fire Torch

 Dakota Hole Fire (Dakota Fire Hole )(Smokeless Fire)

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