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Civil War, Race War or Civil Unrest
Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the best
If there is anyone who at this point in time does not see the inevitable Civil War and or  Race Wars then they are most likely not living in a state of reality.  It is also not a matter of simple "friction among tribes".  It is a deliberately orchastrated conspiracy by the leftists to uproot our society by flooding illegal aliens into our coutnry as well as permitting uncontrolled immigration from third world Muslim countries and to instigate racial friction among the black population against the white population.

How did I conclude this as a motive for what has been happening?  Well the leftists themselves have written all about this as their tactic to achieve their goal of total control and domination and eliminated all forms of a democracy.  Additionally the leftists in congress are going right along with them and are on board with the whole scheme and have themselves been instrumental in legislating it through.

Americans are tolerant and accepting but unfortunately they are also far too complacent toward the destruction of their own society and people.  The very people that are entering our country in mass are the very same ones who are themselves not at all tolerant or accepting of us and have full intentions of destoying our country and society and in the end slaughtering us as well.  I learned this from read their own written words in which they boastfully proclaimed their intentions.

The United States Political Leaders and the Judiciary, including members of the Supreme Court of the past 100 years have for the most part made some very serious blunders and often deliberately sought to bring down this great nation of ours.

One particular blunder or deliberate act of Sabotage is permitting people of one particular destructive and predatorily religious ideology to immigrate to our country in uncontrollable mass.   Allowing people such as Muslims to enter a free society, that does have a constitution, Bill of Rights for the people and do maintain human rights is simply national suicide and that is exactly where our leaders are taking us.

Consider for a moment our founding fathers who compiled and clarified into one document, The Constitution of the United States along with the First 10 Amendments known as the Bill of Rights, which originate from GOD as Rights of Man bestowed upon him when he created mankind and gave him a Free Will of his own.  It was NOT God's will to enslave us or have us enslaved.

How is it that the well educated and allegedly intelligent people somehow ascend to the highest offices of the land, i.e. the Presidency, Congress and the Courts yet they have either failed miserably to recognize the eminent dangers and threats they were permitting by allowing people to infiltrate into our society and country who will eventually turn against us and destroy us?  Or was it instead intentional as a result of their own insane leftist ideology that was their driving motivation.  This is what I am convinced is the situation at hand.

Who is the enemy that I speak of in this particular case?  It is primarily the Islam and the Muslims or what I prefer to call them, "The Forces of Darkness, the Cult of Enslavement, Submission and Death.  In recent articles I reacall that millions of Muslims have been permitted to immigrate to the United States in the past 10 years and in another 10 years double that amount will have been permitted to enter.  Now keeping in mind of course that there is not one single Muslim that actually embraces the very principles and concept of the Bill of Rights, nor the entire Constitution itself, because Islam is a Religious Ideology, Principles and Doctrine that believes in the exact opposite.  Furthermore Islam is not just a religion, it is a complete way of life, including the Laws.  Therefore the mandatory requirement of citizenship of obeying the constitution of the united states and defending the same is something they are ultimately incapable of and unwilling to comply with.  If they say otherwise or if they do go through the motions of complying then they are lying. However according to Islam they are permitted to lie in the name of Allah or for doibng anything they can claim is done for the interest of Islam.  So by obtain their citizenship in non-muslim countries they are part of the greater Islamic Invasion.  It ios all part of their Islamic Jihad of Conquest.

Now there are other enemies which are also being allowed to enter our country and take up residence right here amongst us, who like the Muslims have full intentions of bringing down this country, it's people, society and in the end if possible they will slaughter each and every white person possible, according to the words they have written.  Usually these declaired intentions are written in Spanish which I guess they thing we will not be able to translate.  

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