Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014 by Randal M. Bundy
Bug-out bag and what to pack
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I also have a military Molli pack with frame which I sometimes use as well.

Which Foods Should I Pack for Backpacking?

Many people refer to what is called a, "bug-out bag".  This can be a shoulder bag, but what I prefer is a regular backpack which one might find in any camping store anywhere in the country.  I do recommend the Non-Military type, but if all you have is a military that you may have used in service, that will be fine.  The list below is what I would consider the essential items to have on hand at all times, packed and ready to go.  Should there be a national emergency, be it man made from nature, then grab-and-go.  You may want to add a few things more than what I have here and that is fine.  There are however things that you must always consider as essential and those are items to provide the basics, Water, Food, Shelter, Warmth and Protection.  You must also consider portability.  If you are evacuating by vehicle, then of course you will be able to transport much more needed items.  However consider the fact that fuel for your vehicle may not be available.  If this is the case then travel on foot may be your only alternative means of travel.
Things to consider
01 - It might be warm where you are now, but where ever you are traveling, or wherever you may end up may cold.  Do not neglect including in your survival pack cold weather gear.

02 - You will not be able to carry with you very much water because of the weight.  However I do have in my vehicle several 5 gallon containers.  I do not worry about long storage as I can always boil the water before use.  Also note that I include a camping water filter and a Stera pen.  If I am in travel and do have to abandon vehicle because of no fuel, the I will search out the nearest river, creek or stream.  Water is a priority and must never be overlooked. 

03 - Weapons and Ammunitions are also a priority.  These will be necessary for personal security for you and your family.  Also essential for hunting and sometimes even fishing.  Carrying around the ammunitions listed above may seem like a lot, but if you find yourself in the wilderness without them, you will certainly wish you had packed them.  Spread the ammunitions around to be carried equally among the adults.

01 - Back Pack (bove left - mine is black)
02 - If you're lucky enough or have prepared well for a crissis, you may have a chest rig which accomidates magazines for ammo, pouch for weapons oil and gun cleaning kit and another pouch for small first aid kit and the all important water pouch or canteens.  You may also prefer to use shoulder bags instead for these items. The left shoulder bag could be for weapons magazine and ammunitions, 6 magazines would constitute a combat load, weapons oil, and gun cleaning kit.
03 - right shoulder bag for 2 quart water canteen
04 - First Aid Kit with needle and threat for stitching small wounds.  (see also chapter  Medical needs
05 - 3 days supply of food per person
06 - On your pants belt - Pistol / Ammo / Knife (inside sheath)
07 - Hand Gun - Glock
08 - 4 magazines
09 - Knife - Firesteel, Cotton Balls, Compass, Sharpening stone (in Pouch on Belt or in Pocket) or it all could simply be inside your back pack.
10 - Flashlight, Solar Rechargeable if possible, Hooked on Backpack
11 - Sleeping Bag, Strapped onto Backpack
12 - Poncho Liner, Inside backpack
13 - Wet Weather Pants & Shirt or poncho, Inside Backpack
14 - Rubber Boots if possible, Inside backpack
15 - Tent, Mine is small 2 man tent, light weight takes up less space, hooked onto backpack
16 - Sleeping Mat or a hamic, hooked onto backpack
17 - Camping Cook Set
18 - Water Filter
19 - Stera Pen (include extra batteries), if not make sure you boil your water when there's any doubt about purity.  Most of the water filter do specify filtration of 99% harmful backteria, but if you do have time it is still a good idea to boil the water.
20 - Water Canteens
21 - Winter Jacket, Thermal Underwear, Hoodie and warm hat covering ears and face. Extra Soaks - you're going to be grateful later that you did.