Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014 by Randal M. Bundy
Banning Togeather to Form A Tribe

Everyone should be familiar with the old saying, "Strength in Numbers".  One person or one family group on it's own will have much more difficulty surviving than if they band together with others to form a large group.  Everyone will have to sleep, shower and other necessary tasks as part of survival and those will be times to where the individuals are at their most vulnerable and weakest.  Without the strength of a group, the individual or single family unit could very well become victims of roving bands of thugs who themselves had ignored previous warnings to prepare themselves for upcoming crisis and disasters.  These thugs will now be finding themselves ill prepared and they will most likely have no food or supplies nor hunting, fishing and trapping skills.  They like many will conclude that their only option will be to steal from whomever they an.  They are just simply are of a criminal character and will turn preditor.  Since there will most likely be no police or national guard to protect society and enforce laws, they will probably have no second thoughts about killing you as well.  They will also see your wife and daughters as their next rape victims as well.

Hopefully you will have already established a general friendship of sorts with your neighbors who will also be in the same situation that you find yourself in.  Hopefully they too will already know that their will be strength in numbers and will be glad to band together with you and your family.  Be cautious with migrating people who may try to join your group since you will have no knowledge of their background and do not necessarily believe anything they tell you.

There is no way for me to completely brief you of how to handle this situation but I can advise you that it is best to not try to go it alone, because there will be roving bands of thugs who will looking for just those types of individuals. 

Our ancestors were partially able to survive in harsh and hostile territory by banding together, but everyone in the groups must put forth their fair share of work as in a survival situation there are no free rides and there are no loafers.  The will be enough work to keep everyone busy, from gathering or hunting food to providing armed security for the group itself.  Security is one of the most important jobs and can never be ignored or overlooked and no one can be careless in this job.  When there is a hunting and party, several people must always be on security for possible encroachment of not only wild predatory animals who themselves will be on the hunt, but also these guards must be on the alert for other human predators as well.  You can have a hunting party where everyone is armed, but no one is actually on guard and the entire party could be killed simply because they were too preoccupied with the game they were hunting while an opposing group could be take them all completely by surprise.  It will be the same in camp.  If night comes and everyone goes to sleep with no guards being posted, it could be the biggest mistake and a fatal mistake at that.

In a Survival Group some people may have specific skills that will be very valuable to the group as a whole.  For an example, you may have a neighbor who is a dentist, a doctor or a nurse.  It would not be wise to misuse these peoples special knowledge and skills by requiring them to do things that they are not familiar with perhaps such as hunting or collecting water from the local stream or having them on guard detail.  It would be an abuse of their talents and not very intelligent of the leader of the group either.  You will find that these people in the medical field are class level one and should be considered by all will great appreciation.  Everyone will have their particular contribution to the group and all are vital and necessary.  It could be that there is one or more in the group who were police officers or former soldiers and they may naturally gravitate to the task of protecting the group and providing much needed security.  The medical staff may very well know nothing at all about the security value that these persons have to offer to the group.  However those medical personnel will understand that their safety  and that of their family will depend very much on these security persons.  So all are valuable for the healthy and safety of the group, the doctor who may very well be performing emergency medical care to an injured person and has the knowledge of setting a broken arm to the former police officer who will be protecting the doctor and his family.

But like I said, in a survival group, no one gets a free ride, even the leader of the group and even small children too.  Of course the children are given great exception to hard work, but they too can pick berries and perhaps help carry water from the local stream.  But security must always be present and ready to protect those in the group.  Of course also to consider that if there is in fact present danger, children should be kept in areas where protection is at it's highest level, 

Now the leader of the group itself may not be attending the labor involved such as hunting and collecting water from the stream, but the leader is occupied every waking moment with the task of coordinating the activities and security of the group.  So do not concern yourselves with rather he is providing equal amount of labor as everyone else, because he is, which is doing what they leader must do.  It is just like officers in the military.  The officers do not fill the sand bags and do not stand guard around the perimeter.  Now in the survival situation they, like everyone else might very well be involved in Security as it is one of the most important jobs, but they are not expected to as they will be tasked by the leader in such things as perhaps joining a hunting party to ensure the party collects enough game to feed the group and to ensure that the group does not lapse it's security procedures.  It is the same in the military with Officers and No-Commissioned Officers as well.  The guidance they provide is of great value to the group too.

Now there is also something very important to maintain and that is that there can be no internal conflicts with in the group among the members of the group.  There can be no violations with the group of everyone rights as human beings and as members of the group.  The can be no bullies, no criminals, thieves and no rapists.  The leadership must ensure that this group he or she leads does not devolve into a gang of thugs themselves or that these types of people are admitted to the group.  It will mean the failure of leadership and ultimately the failure of the group.  Law and Order in society may not exist but if this survival group is to get through these difficult times the principles of Law and Order must exist and be present.  Otherwise you will have the weakest members of the group being preyed upon by the strongest members and you group will collapse.   

So how does the leader and his officers enforce these principles of Law and Order?  Well the greatest tool of punishment at his disposal is exile from the survival group itself.  Hopefully everyone in the group will understand the value of being in a larger group and hopefully all have been law bidding citizens and members of the former community and will also understand what is expected of them and are willing to see the need for this civilized structure, even in a survival group.  It will also be necessary for the leader himself to ensure that those who he has selected as officers do not abuse their positions to violate the rights of all within the group.  Most important too is that that leader himself or herself also ensure that they do not forget that they are there to serve the group and they should also constantly be on there guard that they do not become abusive or violate the rights of each member in the group.  It is an important and sometimes a difficult balancing act that he must maintain.  A good leader is both valued and appreciated by all, but a tyrannical dictator is appreciated by none.