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Stop The Invasion!
Deport ALL Illegal Aliens & Secure the Border!
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 July, 2014

Border Crisis Poll - 64% of Hispanics Say Deport Illegal Immigrants, What the Obama Administration does NOT Want you to know

Illegal Aliens Illegal Immigrants

That is right people, let me clarify the Poll Result.  64 out of 100 US-Hispanic People Interviewed have said they DO NOT SUPPORT AMNESTY for those who have violated our laws and are Invading across the border
(in other words the Illegal Immigrants).  This contradicts what Obama, the Democrats, and the racists "La Raza Group" would have the American Public believe.   Why do you suppose this is the case? 
Illegal Aliens Illegal Immigrants
Well the answer to that question comes from a friend of mine, Carlos who is from California and who is what could be considered "American-Hispanic and was born in the USA.  He informs me that the class of people who we are seeing flooding across our border are a very dangerous category of people who even Mexico and other countries where these people originate from, do not want among them in there society. 
Illegal Aliens Illegal Immigrants
Carlos tells me that it would be like allowing a pack of hungry wolves among your young children who you have left unattended in your back yard.  The results are predictable.  He concluded by saying that every society has a class of those who are the dregs of that society, the uneducated, the insane, and the criminal elements including rapists, murderers, gangsters and that is what is being allowed to enter the USA and are even being proposed amnesty for.

Carlos just happens to be a Retired Border Patrol Agent who had worked at the border in Otay Mesa, San Diego.   His family have lived in California for generation, even before it became a state.  According to him these people are coming to the United States, because Obama has intentionally sent his people, those who are his representatives, to these Central American Countries to deliberately lure those who are coming here for economic reasons, not as refugees. 

Carlos tells me they are coming here because they have been told they will get free Welfare, Food Stamps, Healthcare, Housing and much more including Citizenship, all free and that these social benefits will be free for life all paid for by "The Gringo",  my friend says that is the derogatory term the illegals laughingly use in referring to, "white English Speaking Americans from the U.S. he says that term is NOT a complement, is NOT used by the educated class and is only used by the very lower, uneducated and ignorant classes of racist people in Spanish-speaking regions, chiefly Mexico and other Latin America Countries.  He went on to clarify that it would be, something very similar to calling a Black person a "Nigger". His words not mine folks.

Carlos finished our conversation and interview by telling me that this is what American's should know before  feeling pity toward any of the illegals, as he refers to them.  Carlos also says that because he is Hispanic and Speaks Spanish as those illegals it gives him more of an insight into these illegals that most Americans have.   - Randal M. Bundy


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