Religion and the Lost Knowledge - by Randal M. Bundy
Randal M. Bundy

Some American Christians and 'Stockholm Syndrome” in Regards to Islamic Threat
Does this image of the Hezbollah Salute remind anyone else of the Nazi Salute?  Anyone who would invite these types of people to attend a so-called, "In Defense of Christians" conference is living in denial of the real threat upon Christians and any other non-Muslim on this planet.  They simply are cowards and traitors willing watch others die to defend innocent people. They seem to actually believe they can “Befriend those whose stated aim is Conquer, Convert and enslave or slaughter.  I am reminded of my “Grade School Days” long ago, with regard to “Schoolyard Bullies” picking on the smaller and weaker student who could not defend themselves.  Yet the phenomenon existed where most of those who were victims would do everything in there power to befriend the Schoolyard Bullies, and even joined in the victimization of others right along with the Bullies themselves.  The answer to schoolyard bullies of course is to unite all those victims against the bullies.  That phenomenon was later called “Stockholm Syndrome” and it is an  inherent weakness within many of my fellow citizens of western societies.

I am in full agreement that within Western Societies the are in fact calibrating with the enemies our society and this does include many of the Christians and their various organizations.  The answer does seem to be 'Stockholm Syndrome.   Some Christians even try to site the 10 Commandments as an excuse for refusing to defend themselves and other Christians against the Savage onslaught of Islam.  They often will not even speak out against Islamic Terrorists such as ISIS and Al-Quida and those Muslims who themselves will not condemn the slaughter..

I believe some of them might think that if they are just “Nice” to the Radical Muslims that this will somehow “Change their hearts”.  What these Christians I speak of do not understand is the enemy, Islam itself does not want peace with the rest of the world.  What they Christians do not seem to understand is that Islam itself is the cause because Islam is at it’s core a Cult of War and Death for all who do not join it.

In regards to the Tex Commandments which they claim says, :Thou Shall Not Kill”, I have tried on a number of unsuccessful occasions to actually explain and educate them that this Commandment is actually mistranslated of the original Ancient Hebrew.  It does NOT say, “Thou Shall Not Kill".  What it does say is, "Thou Shall Not Murder".  The original Commandment given by GOD and Transcribed by Moses DID NOT SAY that one must stand by passively while they and their family and society are being slaughtered.  The ancient Hebrew language at that time had many different terms for the act of “killing“.  There was for example, Religious Ritual Killings, there were Slaughter of Lambs to be eaten, there were Killings in defense of ones self and family, there were killings of criminals for any number of offenses and all of the and many more had specific words for clarification.  However when translated into other languages, the translator might have spoken a language where there was only one base word for “Killing” and clarification of what type of killing was being done would require a second word or even a third word in order to properly convey the meaning.  This is where the primitive translators had failed and thus began this major confusion through out the centuries.

I remember the weeks after the September 11, 2001 bombing attacks upon the United States and some Muslims were attacked by Americans in Anger and retaliation.  We know that those attacks were wrong and we know they were in fact misguided retaliations against innocent Muslims and sometimes even Sikhs who were mistaken as being Muslims.  Sikhs by the way are also persecuted by Muslims.  What happened was  spontaneous "Repercussions against Islam" itself and the Muslims.  Since it is Islam itself that Inspires Muslim persecutions upon non-Muslims. 

What I also remember is that because the American News Media was overemphasizing these attacks directed toward Muslims in retaliation for the 9-11 attacks, some American Woman formed Muslims support groups in which they would parade around the country wearing Muslim Garb, covering their head like Muslim Woman and denouncing America.  I could not help but view those people at that time a Traitors, since my country had just been attacked by Muslims and thousands of innocent people were killed by Muslims and here we had traitors proving aid and assistance to some of the very same people who made excuses for Why these attacks occurred.  I still regard those people and others like them as traitors.

The Christians and there organization who invited HEZBOLLAH  to speak at the so called "In Defense of Christians" inaugural summit in Washington, D.C. are in fact just such people who must be suffering from 'Stockholm Syndrome? I can not help but wonder if they really do believe that by reaching out to Radical Islamic Terrorists Groups, they will somehow be able to befriend these people and gain their respect?  Do they really believe that if they act like Passive and Polite Sheepal, they will somehow escape the slaughter, while other who will fight will fall victim to it?  These types of people are despicable cowards and Traitors. 

When Senator Cruz spoke in defense of Israel, they booed him.  Yes they people are siding with the enemy of All of us Non-Muslims.  It seems to me as though they invited the Radical Hezbollah to attend the conference and invited Ted Cruz to speak at the conference, knowing that Ted Cruz is well known to support Israel.  They did this apparently show they can show the Hezbollah that they too are willing to condemn Israel in favor of the Palestinians who want to destroy Israel and anniolate the Israeli people as well as all Jews.

The only words for people like that are coward and traitors.  What they really do not seem to understand or are willing to accept is that Hezbollah and the Islamic Enemies of All Non-Muslim people will in the end still slaughter them too.  Sure they might live a little longer than the rest of us simply because they have aided and assisted those butchers in the quest to eliminate all Religious Competition upon the planet, however their fate will remain the same as the rest of us and here they are providing aid, comfort and even assistance to their enemy too.
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