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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor
So you Want to Convert to Islam
Let's Learn what Islam Really is all about from listening to and observing the actions of Muslims themselves.

Racial Discrimination:  Exclusion of Blacks & Asians from Heaven
No Black women or Asian women found or wanted in Muslim heaven

That's right folks, you have read correctly, there are no Black People or Asian People permitted in Heaven, according to this Islamic Cleric in Syria.  He is after all a spokesman and representative of Islam.  Since he is a Cleric, then he is an expert on the scriptures of the Quoran.  If you are a Black person or an Asian person, rather you are a practicing Muslim or not or a convert to Islam, you still have no chance to reach heaven.  Do you still want to be a Muslim?  

United States
Muslims refer to Islam as the Religion of Peace, but disagree with them and they are violent.

In this video we see an American Black woman who is a Muslim.  She refer to Islam as the Religion of Peace.  She say, "The Religion of Peace is Comming".  Now keep in mind that she is interrupting a Priest who has a permit to speak in public at this particular site.  She barges her way to attention and then assaults the priest who happened to say something negative about Islam.  Perhaps we can judge the so called, "Religion of Peace" based upon the actions of the Muslims themselves.

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