Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
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Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service
Sniper Teams

I can only speak of what I know about the U.S. Army Snipers and the training they they they go through jusat to be a sniper.  Thet sniper is a very special type of Soldier regardless of what branch of service they serve in or whatever Military they serve.  Not every soldier can qualify to become a sniper.  The standards that a regular soldier have to meet just to qualify for Sniper School is very tough to meet and that is by design.  It is the same with every "Specialized Training Schools" such as U.S. Special Forces, Airborne, Marine Recon, Navy Seals and others.  The Actual Training they go through and the qualifications they must meet far exceed what a regular soldier is required.  They also must possess a certain type of Charactor Traits they were born with and had when they enter the Military.  Now this does not mean that everyone with those 
Charactor Traits will make good snipers because although born with them there is really a whole lot more to being a sniper than that.

There is often a general misconception of the type of person a sniper is so I will try to explain what it is that I have observed from my exposure to them.   Once of the misconceptions of snipers is that they operate alone or with just a spoter. That may have been the case sometimes and under scertain circumstance but modern day snipers work in Teams.  Consider for a moment that you have a person who possesses the ability and training to hit a target a such a great distance that the empact of the bullet will kill an enemy soldier before the sound is actually heard by his comrades.
Additionally the sniper is an expert in camoflage so as to blend into his envirnment so effectively that you could be feet away from him and would not know he's there and he could sneak up behind you and tap you on the sholdier and you'll never hear him coming.  With his level of patience, focus and concentration he assumed the spirit of a cat stalking his prey.  The sniper may be in the field for days or weeks just waiting for that one moment the enemy is vulnerable.  The sniper lives up to his code of One Shot, One Kill and he is the most deadly weapon on the battelfield and one of the most valued weapons any compatent Military Commander in the field will have.

When I refer to Snipers as being born with the Charactor needed to do his job, it must be remember that a sniper is not born they are made.  A sniper needs needs to be of a certain bread of men that already were born for this.  It is helpful if they grew up in an envirnment where they were exposed to hunting rifles at an early age and hunting deer in the forest every weekend, but that alone does not qualify him to be a future sniper.  I have known snipers who grew up in Brooklyn, never fired a gun before joining the military and never spent a day out in the woods.  As a matter of fact the closest they ever came to being in the wilderness was when they visited central park in New York.  However they were born with the Charactor of which I refer to.  That Charactor combined with Training and Talent would make them such that you would not want to be an enemy and find yourself at the wrong end of his weapon or a target in the scope.

Now a Sniper in most cases does not perform his work alone or even with only his spoter.  Most modern day military have sniper squads which cosist of perhaps 10 members.  A sniper is best sent out with his security team.  Consider the fact that when the sniper does get that shot off or numerous shots off, it emediately makes him also a target.  Believe me when I say that the enemy will utalize every possible method to eliminate the sniper and his team.  The sniper may very well be regarded by his comrades as "a god" on that battlefield but he is in fact still human, still mortal and still vulnerable to a pissed off enemy squad that just saw their company commander being blwon away in front of their eyes.  If you are a company commader and you ignore your snipers security needs, you will be throwing away one of the most valuable assetts in your arsonal to defeat the enemy.  You will also no doubt have some explaining to do to your battalion comander why you sent one of his snipers out there alone and with no proper security team.