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Slow Creeping Cancerous Infection of Islam
by Randal M. Bundy - 25 January 2015
HAMAS Terrorists
HAMAS - This is what you can expect soon in the United States

Islamic Experts are predicting that there will soon be No-go zones withing the United States as a result of Muslims dominating certain areas of some cities.  To some degree it is already happening simply because the Muslim are deliberately making certain areas of cities unsafe for anyone who is non-muslim.  It is not a matter of unruly youth as may happen with other racial and ethnic groups, it is in fact a deliberate and systematic conspiracy.  It is orchestrated mostly by the Leaders of the Mosques.  It is a technique that even the American and Italian Mafia would be impressed at their success.

Consider for an example the city of Dearborne Michigan which is a city dominated by Muslims and is often referred to as Dearborneistan.  Consider also the Muslim dominance on the city council itself that make the rules in the city,
Recent election have resulted in an Arab Majority on Dearborne's City Council.  What is one of the first things they do? 
They passed unanimously a resolution adopting Hamas’s position on the recent offensive in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Force.
HAMAS Terrorists
HAMAS - This is what you can expect soon in the United States

The first question that I have is why the city council is wasting it's time and the people tax money debating something that really has absolutely nothing to do within the city of Deaborne Michigan?  Do they really have nothing more important to debate in the City of Dearborne which concern issues on a local level, such as the obvious and open discrimination perpetrated by Muslims in their community toward non-Muslims who also live in Dearborne? Perhaps they should be more concerned with the roving gangs of Muslim youths who are deliberately targeting for violence Christians, Jews and any other Non-Muslim people. 

Now yes,  I do know of course that not all Arabs are Muslims, but I can only conclude that the Arab members of the Dearborne City Council must all be Muslims since I know of no sane and intelligent Christian of Lebanese Ancestry who could possibly support a so-called "resolution adopting Hamas’s position on the recent offensive in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Force".  In other words they signed a piece of paper which is a declaration of which is an openly support for a known Terrorist Organization which has as it's target not only the state of Israel, an ally of the United States but also has as it's Target, the United States itself. 

HAMAS Terrorists
HAMAS - This is what you can expect soon in the United States

If in fact the Arabs who are on the city council of Dearborne Michigan are in fact of  who may be of Christian-Lebanese Ancestry, it is a shame on them of their own history and why they had to flee Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War between 1075 and 1990, it was Islam that was to blame.  It is the United States and it's people who have long ago embraced Freedom of Religion and extended to the Christian Lebanese the safe asylum here in the United States where they could live free and practice Freedom of Religion and we now find the children and grandchildren of those refugees signing a document of support to HAMAS.  They are the same type of people who were killing their own Christian Lebanese Ancestors and Community members?
Christian Lebanese Children Of Damour Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War
Christian Lebanese Children Of Damour Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. Their Parents were fighting for their children’s lives and their own lives, outside in the streets against the Palestinian and Sunni Muslims Militias onslaught both of whom were trying to take control of the Christian City of Damour.  This was the last photograph taken of these children alive and this photo will haunt me personally for the rest of my life.  This is what is coming to the United States as well as Europe.  In the faces you see the horror of the 1,400 years of Islamic History and Terror it has brought.  Islam in No Religion of Peace, it is a cult of enslavement, torture and death.  If you could ask these children, they would agree.

Below is Susan A. Dabaja - Dearborne City Council - One of the fives who now make up an Arab Majority on the council.  She is a Lawyer and is an Arab of Lebanese family origin - endorsed by the
Arab American Political Action Committee

She also gets favorable review from the HAMAS Funded Arab-American News which is home based in Dearborne Michigan.  It's publisher is Osama Siblani who is the brother of the HAMAS Television Station director and Osama Siblani is the main character behind the scenes who was pushing for the resolution.  One of his main Council Members was  Councilwoman Susan Sareini who as a member pushed for the resolution and was able to get it introduced.
Susan A. Dabaja - Dearborne City Coucil - Arab
Susan A. Dabaja - Dearborne City Council
I will be investigating this issue in greater detail and will be publishing my findings here in my column.  The below links to further articles which pertain the Islamic Enclave of Dearborne Michigan, a suburb of Detroit which you, the unsuspecting and uninformed tourist or traveler should avoid at all costs, the same as you should most certainly avoid traveling or visiting anywhere near Detroit Michigan.

Islam experts: No-go zones looming for America
The image above Looks like Images of from a Nightmare about Spooks.  Not a word is ever heard from the so called Feminists regarding the way woman are treated in Islamic Countries and how they are treated by Muslims in our western societies where they are also forced to wear these black robes, hide their faces and submit to being treated as third class citizens by their husbands, fathers, brothers and all of Muslim Society.

It is now obvious with any doubt that the entire Feminist movement really Never Had anything to do with woman's rights, otherwise I would hear their outcry aimed at muslim society.  Instead the entire feminist movement was nothing more than lies and scams.

Articles pertaining to Islam's Conquest of Dearborne Michigan and a glimps of what is to expect through out the United States, if Islam is Not Stopped
Dearborn City Council Takes Its Stand With Hamas
Ramadan practice schedule shift grabs national spotlight - Arab American News

I am not the only person who see this

Quote of the Day, 22 January 2014: (In reference to the Islamic Assault against France and it's people)
Nicolas Sarkozy
“This is a war against our civilization, our way of living, of dressing, of thinking and of speaking.”
- Nicolas Sarkozy, Former President of France

Barbaric ISIS Police Give Musicians 90 Lashes for Playing ‘Un-Islamic’ Electronic Keyboards and a Medieval European Lute
ISIS Beating Muslims
ISIS is actuallly main-stream in their ideology, although Muslim propaganda would like for us to think otherwise.  The above image is of a Musician who recieved 90 lashes for playing musical instruments which originated in Europe, instead of the Arab World.  This will be coming to The United States, along with Sharia Law.

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