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Six Years of Obama and the world is in flames
by Randal M. Bundy - Saturday 30 August 2014
Six Years of Obama World In Flames
Some of us knew what was coming
I really do hate to say, "I told you so",  but I did predict this devastation long before Obama usurped the white house in 2008.  I also recognized the signs of his Narcissistic Personality Disorder the first time I watch him speak in front of an audience.  The ideal Leader projects to his audience that it is “All About Them The People”  and they must absolutely mean it.  They must never loose sight of that fact.  However what I saw with Obama back then was to him, “Everything was all about him”.  People really were of no value to him, except as drones expected to walk into the voting booth cast their vote for him.  For Obama It has never been about the people.

Many people think Obama is just a “weak” and perhaps an “incompetent fool“, but that presumption is a mistake.   This worldwide destruction that we are all witnessing is actually by his design and has been his deliberate  and full intentions all along.  Now not everything fell exactly into place as Obama had expected and hoped it would, but enough has to ensure devastation for almost everything he has set his sights on.

This upcoming midterm elections in November is the absolute “Last chance of Survival for United States“.  If the Democrats are not defeated at the polls, then the United States is certainly doomed.  We need to elect a majority Republicans in the Senate and increase our numbers in the house.  Even if they are defeated and the Republicans obtain a Majority in the Senate and maintain their majority in the House, we still have Obama to deal with.  By now even the most Ardent and Radical Leftist must certainly see clearly the mistakes they made by voting for Obama in both elections.  The world is literally "In Flames" and the United States is tendering of the edge of extinction.  If we can pull off a Super Majority in the Senate and the House, then we can cut Obama off at the knees.  We can Impeach him with any one of the numerous criminal violations he has committed, including treason and violating the Constitution of the United States and Using the IRS as a tool of Political Persecution against the Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party and anyone else who opposed him.  The Benefit of winning a Majority in the Senate is Harry Reid will be ousted as Senate President and will no longer be able to block the legislation that the house has attempted since 2010.

Race Relations
Regarding Race relations, I told people before Obama was elected that he was Racists and the people he appointed to office were also racist and that all of them were radical militant racists.  I also warned that Obama would deliberately set about persecuting Whites and that his goal was to inspire and orchestrate a Race War. I was right on all accounts and now we see that a race war will be inevitable.  However the greater war which seems will take place will also include far more that American Blacks fighting White American Society in an armed war.  I have also told people that just like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, Obama does NOT want the various races to get along.  What he wants is a War between the races.  You have to first stop listening to what he is saying, because by now even the most simple minded person on the planet must realize that Obama has lied all along.  Obama's entire life has been lies and these wars, rather they are race wars, religious wars, wars over land, food or power are all seen by him as a benefit.

This race war will actually be conducted by a number of different races, all of whom are targeting the American White Population,  These include those Mexican and allied from Central and South American racial and ethnic Groups.  I am not talking about the typical Mexican who might be of Spanish Descent nor those Mexicans who could be a mix and not even a large number of Hispanic Americans who have Mexican Ancestors.  I am specifically referring to those who are flooding across our southern borders who are part of what they call Reconquista Movement which is in fact the Aztec Movement to conquer lands they claim was originally many hundred of years ago part of the Aztec Empire which they claim stretched into South West USA.

We also know for certain that ISIS who now has camps and fighters right across the El Paso Border in Texas.  Thus you have a building Army of Muslims preparing to also go to war with White Society along Religious as well as Racial Lines.  Those Muslims who are already in the United States will have an enormous amount of volunteers who will also join the fight against the White Societies.  It is important to realize that US Military and US Intelligence have now openly admitted and confirmed this build of of ISIS just across the Mexican Boarder.

Third as mentioned the radical elements of the Black Community within the United States are arming for war against the white populations, spurred on, inspired by and even financed by Obama and his racists Administration.

I told people many years ago this was coming and I also told them be to be prepared, I told them to arm themselves.  I also said that the motive behind Obama and his anti-gun push and his assault upon the 2nd amendment and disarming the American Populous was a racist motive.  It is like, “get Whitey, persecute him and even anniolate him and his family.  You can’t achieve that so easily unless they are all unarmed and helpless which is Obamas motive.  Remember history will teach us that an unarmed populous is easier to conquer and control and to anniolate.  Is there any white people who really can not see what is happening around them?

I will say it again here and now, because you might not have a chance at a later time, "Arm Yourselves and organize into Community Groups which could be mobilized as a Militia against any racial threats or tyrannical take over when the time comes.

We must also consider the true motive of Obama reducing the strength of the US Military and Increasing the strength of his Federal Agencies was so that the US Military will not be able to resist and protect the population.  We have seen Obama increasing and strengthening his newly militarized Federal Agencies in every aspect of Government.  We have even seen agencies such as the Federal Department of Education , Federal Department of Energy as well as the Parts Department all evolving into military units, all of whom are staffed with people whose direct salaries are cut from those federal agencies directly under the control of Obama.  These Federal Agencies are now armed with military weapons, militarized and indoctrinated by Obama and those who stand with him in this intended conquest over white society in the United States.

Now you might say to yourself, “Oh the police would never let that happen”.  You do not know history very well do you.  In essentially every violent revolution where persecution followed, the majority of the police were right there with them, “Just Following Orders”.  After all most of them will place there salaries, pensions and special status lives above the people they are suppose to serve and the Constitution that they swore to obey and protect.

I do hate to say that "I told you so".  Instead I wish I could say I was wrong, but now I am not the only one who is saying it. Those others who are now saying it are high officials in the military, the intelligence community, various branches of government and even in law enforcement as well. 


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