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Should Bergdahl Be Executed  for Desertion and Treason?
by Randal M. Bundy - 29 January 2015
According to the accounts of Bergdhl's fellow soldiers, Bergdahl had not been captired by the Taliban in Afganistan, he had deserted.  There were also reports that he had an interest in and studied Islam and that his motive in part was centered around an intent to convert to Islam.   In my view that is a very idicative of a mental illness.  He was not and is not clinically insane though, so any hopes of using that as a defense is out the window. 

Islam has always been at war with non-muslim countries and that fact can not be ignored by those who have the courage to actually acknowldege it.  All the limp wristed politicians in the world can really only lie about it.  No matter how much they try to convince their populous of the contraary, the fact remains the Islam has 1,400 years of history against the rest of the world.  It is in fact a religon splattered with the blood of innocent people who just happened to be in the path of the maniacs who sign on to or are born into Islam. One should really not bother too much trying to figure out why a person converts to islam, becasue the answer really lies within a persons mental state.

Berghal converted to the religon of the enemy at a time of war, on the battel field and while his comrades in arms slept, he walked away from his post in which it was his duty to protect them while they slept.  He was observed by Muslim villagers in the local village and according to what they told the American Military Investigators, he was not at that time a captive and he was by himself and unarmed.  According to the villagers who reported this he was also asking how he get in touch with the Taliban.  According to Taliban Reports he wandered off post with Afgan Security guards and according to Taliban wandered right into their hands.  So he was not abducted against his will from his post while guarding the perimiter, he simply walked off to join his newly desired comrades, the enemy of which he and his fellow soldiers were fighting.

American soldiers died trying to locate their fellow soldier whom they initially thought had been somehow captured by the enemy. Certainly a fate that no American soldier would ever wish to be in.  But later it was learned that there was a possibility that he had left willingly.  It had also been reported by his fellow soldiers that he had been studying the Quran and seemed to express feelings of sympathy with the enemy.  I my opuionion that is exactly when his commander should have had him removed from duty as a security risk to all of the soldiers in his command.

Of course we all by now are fully aware that the Muslim sympathetic Obama traded 5 Taliban Leaders for the return of Bergdahl.  It is not what I would call a very good trade, unless perhaps the entire exchange was not at all centered around the return of a wayward lost American Soldier, but instead perhaps the entire purpose was to aid the enemy Taliban with the return of high ranksing Taliban soldiers.  Perhaps the entire negotiation was conducted with the Muslim Brotherhoods pipe line that wee know exists all the way into Afganistan.  We also know that the Muslim Brotherhood is in fact infiltrated the White House with the assistence of Muslim Obama as well as other branches of government, especially those agencies which make up the Intelligence Community.
Should Bergdahl be charged and tried with treason?  Yes most certainly he should.  Should he be executed?  Well before we answer that lets consider the fact that their are now in the United States a number of families whose sons were killed trying to locate and rescue whom the thought had been a captures American being held by the Enemy.  The heroism of those soldiers is spectacular and the treasonous actions of  Bergdahl is discusting and unforgivable.  My answer would have to be yes, a firing squad would be appropriate.

If a solder is take as prisoner and cooperates with the enemy as a result of torture, then he can be forgiven as no one could be expected to withstand torture.  Their actions do not constitute treason or betrayal.  If a soldier is home on leave from battle and just can not bring himself to return to his unit and the battle field, then to some degree also I do not consider that on the same level.  But desertion on the battlefield and converting to the enemies religious ideology and no doubt hellping and assisting the enemy is unforgivable.  From accounts of the Taliban itself, Bergdahl actually helped and assited in the training of Taliban soldiers to attack and kill American soldiers and it is also believed that he actually fought in battels against American Soldiers and most likely killed American Soldiers.  He went over to the enemy's side and actually joined forces with the enemy, a classic case of being a traitor.

It is no wonder the Taliban was willing to trade him for five of their own.  They too must have realized that you can not trust a traitor within your midst, either one who was part of your forces or even one of the enemies traitors.  What respect would they have really had for him?  I can only speculate that he became a burden upon them after a while.  Since keeping him around would actually be more trouble that it was worth, they decided to return the traitor back to their enemy.  Thus if Bergdahj had in fact converted to Islam, then they would not have been betrayibng the obblication to assist and protect a fellow Muslim.  Keepin in mind also that since even they realized they could never turn there backs on him since he could never be trusted, they would also have to at least have two people who would constantly be watching him to insure he does not wander off in the middle of the night and return to his former comrade.  Thus in times of a shortage of soldiers in the field, they are waisting man power watch him, instead of fighting their enemies, the American Soldiers.
Bergdahl Parents
I also can not help but recall Bergdah;s family being invited to the white house as part of Obama's deception of the American people.  Obama I thing was hoping that the American people would not find out the truth about Begdahl.  I remember clearly seeing Gerdahls father sporting a beard and speaking the Language what I believe was Arabic and quoting from the Quran.  I suppose the apple really does not fall to ar from the tree.  Like father, like son.  or perhaps Like son, like father.

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