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Update 25 November 2015
Samra Kesinovic And Sabina Selimovic
Samra Kesinovic & Sabina Selimovic


Sexual Jihad Girls?  More accurately called
Traitors and Whores of their Country & People

by Randal M. Bundy - 16 October 2014
Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic Sexual Jihad Girls From England - Whores for Muslim Terrorists
Sexual Jihad Girls from Europe - Despicable Whores for ISIS Muslim Terrorists
Samra Kesinovic (left) and Sabina Selimovic (right)

Sexual Jihadists, or at least that is what some people may call them.  However I much prefer to call them what they are, Traitors and Whores.  They are volunteer Whores for the Muslims Terrorists.  They willingly participated in providing aid and comfort to those who they should know are slaughtering innocent Christians, Kurds, Yazidi as well as Muslims.  A life sentence is suitable and perhaps even a death Penalty should be considered.

If anyone is not familiar with the term, "Sexual Jihad", they are female converts often of Christian upbringing who have somehow bee brainwashed by Muslim youths who were permitted refugee status in European Countries.  Some may be converts to Islam who have turned their back on their own people but some may been Muslim girls who were also admitted or whose parents were admitted as refugees.

Whatever the particular case may be, they have actually traveled to foreign countries. at their own expense and joined ISIS who are currently slaughtering people by cutting off their heads.  These girls regardless of what they may have thought they were going to be doing are only valued as sexual comfort to them.  They may at first thought they are going there to find suitable husbands among the so-called "heroic Muslim Religious Fighters for Islam", but once there they find out that they will be required to sexually satisfy perhaps hundreds of Muslim men.  They have voluntarily offered themselves as Whores without payment.  I do not feel sorry for them, because they should have known better but I do feel sorry for their families for the shame and disappointment these woman have brought them.  If these woman do return home, them will be prosecuted for aiding and assisting Terrorists.  In my opinion they should also be charged as accomplices to Mass Murder and Genocide.  Whatever their fate is, well they walked through that door voluntarily.

These woman are worse than even WW2 collaborators in France and other occupied countries.  The people are without a doubt traitors to their own country and people because by they should have been smart enough to realize that Islam is also a threat to their own native born countries and people, including their own family members who if ISIS has their way will be slaughtered too.

I do not believe that I am alone in my lack of compassion or pity for them and their fate.  I hate to sound callus but in the broad spectrum of the circumstance, their treason is worthy of the death penalty, because their treason is voluntary.  At least in occupied France one can argue that the collaboration of some of the woman was simply in order to survive the very harsh conditions of war with very little food for the French Population.

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