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Serbia and Kosovo
by Randal M. Bundy

I remember when the former American US President, Bill Clinton and the United Nations became involved in the Wars in the former Yugoslavia.  At that time it all seemed wrong to me and later I found out exactly how wrong it really was.  I also began to lelarn who was really behind the push to support the Muslim Albanians in Kosovo and why they supported the Kosovo Liberation army and supported an Independent Kosovo under Muslim Albanian Rule.  They are the ones who rule in what in that region as it exists today.  It is a Province or area which has always rightfully been part of Serbia.  Quite simply the reason for involvement was money and power by those who promoted helping the Muslim Albanians.  Two things that usually lead people to support wars of this type.

What was happening in Yugoslavia was in fact an Internal Civil War which really did not involve any other country or nation in the world.  As tragic as it was for all parties involved it was in fact a matter for those people to resolve but
instead greedy people out to make money involved themselves and this conflict and ignored the reality that the Muslim Albanians who had taken over a portion of Serbia known as Kosovo were demanding their own Muslim country carved out of what was always Serbian Territory.

Personally I am on the side of Serbia in this matter.  Islam is at war with the entire non-Muslim world.  I will have further comments to follow, but I have included links here and I am indebted to my friend: Adam Asteric for his reporting and information which he is kind enough to provide us with much needed information.

We American's and European’s as well are now and have for as long as I have been alive, been regularly  manipulated by public relations firms who are hired by people, organizations and other countries, who may or may not be our allies and friends.

Albright and Clinton

These public Relations firms are experts at manipulating public opionions which help to sway Congress in the direction of voting and authorizing as they, their clients want them to sway.  In other words, the Individuals behind the Public Relations Firms who have studied marketing and Advertising and they are very good at it.

When they have their particular spin on something finished they and their millions of dollars will pay a vist to all of the Big TV Networks and even the independant TV Stations, Radio Stations, Newspapers and Magazine to launch their campaigne of propaganda.  What will appear in Mass Media as a NEws Report, is actually a well financed campaigne of disinformation and propaganda which is slanted and biased in one particular direction. 

Let's take for an example a war between two particular racial groups or ethnic groups.  Whoever has the money they can almost be assured of victory because all news coverage and reports will be reported and swayed to favour them.

Just such a war was the "the Balkans war 1990's" which you will remember involved the break up of the former Yugoslavia and the ethnic groups of the Serbs, Croats, and the Albanian Muslms.

What we Americna and Europeans saw on our televisions night after night were images and videos and well staged and presented atrocities which were proportadly being committed by the Serb majority against the independence seeking Minority of Albanian Muslims.  However that term Albanian Mulsim was never used by the media because they did not want you to have any association between the Muslims Albanians in the Territory of Serbia with the country of Albania. 

The only images that we were presented were the images of burned up buiding proportedd to be those of the Muslim Minority.  We saw video and photographs of Muslims in what appeared to be concentration camps who were emaciated from what we were to believe was starvations and dehidration brought on by ill treatment of these prisoners of war in the hands of the Serbs.  However what was never shown you or explained to you was that the condition of these prisoners was partially the fault of them living in the wilderness country side, and that after months of the lack of food supplies by their own rebel leaders and commanders most of what you saw was in fact the fault not of the Serbs but their own inexperience in war itself. 

I am not saying the conditions in a Serbia Prisoner of War camp was like being on Holliday, as it certainly was not. War does have a tendency to bring out the worst in people.  However what we were deliberately never informed and educated on was the treatment that the Serbian Population suffered at the hands of both the Muslim Albanian Rebels and the Croats too prior to the War and for years before that.  These images and videos of attrocities committed against the Serbian Population were deliberate with held by the News Media which at that point were already employeed by those who were backing the Muslim Albanians and the Croats against the Serbian people and the Serbian Country.  These images would have cast an entirely different perspective upon that war, and the chief financieers of the Albanian Muslims who were non other than Saudi Arabia.  Yes the allies with the oil money.  Do you now see the connection between the Public Relations firms and the Saudies and the War in the Balkins?  Why you ask was Saudi Arabia at all involved in that war?  The answer is simple, Albania the next door neighbor being a Muslim Country and Saudi Arabia seeking to expant it's influence in that region, whatever their investment was to them was insignificant.

Now we must remember that the Saudi's themselves did not want to shed blood, nor did they want to jeprodise their relations with those who bought their oil, but the supplying of arms and ammunition, financing and paying off American Political Leaders, News Media, Broadcast Corporations, and Mass Media as well as many American Polititions and Presidential Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries, could do the job for them.  That is exactly what they did.  As for whatever the investment was, as mentioned before was insignificant as the financial war chest for the Saudi's is now and has always been enormous enough that the cost was not even noticed by them.

As mentioned above I am not dispute that attrocities were committed in this war in the Balkins, but these attrocities were committed by all parties involved.  We in American and Europea were deliberately lied to, we had information with held regarding attrocites committed by the Croats and the Albanian Muslims against unarmed Serbian Civilians and Captured Serbia Prisoners of War.  The harsh treatment suffered by the Serbian Citizens, prior to that war in their own country in the region of Kosovo was horendous and brutal at the hand of the Muslims.  These acts of brutality and Barborism were 10 times as worse as any of the Attrocities committed by the Serbs against the Mulsims or the Croats, but we were never permitted to see any of it.  It was all sanitized so that we would view the Serbs as we would the Nazis and we all fell for it.

Although the US Congress did not authorize the use of American Military Forces in the Balkans Wars of the 1990's, the United Nations did and so in order to fulfill the wishes of the Saudi Financiers, the President Bill Clinton simply re-flagged the American Plans to fly United Nations Flags and the job was done.

Madeline Albright’s personal involvement in this War was that she too stood to receive much of that Saudi Money, yes of course she did and she personally put forth the best acting job and twisting of the truth.  Her involvement as Secretary of State was crucial and she also acquired a very considerable amount of the only thing left in Kosovo of value, a great deal of Serbian Land which just happened to sit in the Kosovo Area when the United Nations allocated that region of Serbia as belonging to the Muslim Albanians.  We really should have never believed for a moment that Madeline Albright was simply in it at all unless there was a really good pay off.  Of course her name never appeared on any official documents of property transfer or ownership or final sale, no she was far more clever and criminally intelligent than that, but after the deal was made all that land she acquired was quickly sold to “foreign investors“, such as the Saudi's through various holding companies and she was paid in cash and gold deposited to her very own Swiss bank accounts.  Blood Money paid to the little malignant dwarf who herself was Jewish.  Now that little fact of her being Jewish Born is important and significant for the following reason which she and no one knew prior to all of this that she helped to orchestrate.  You see it was revealed that Marilyn Albright had been saved from Nazi Extermination when she was just an infant.  She was turned over to a Christian Charity Group which found her a family in the USA who would raise her in a safe home. However who was it that actually saved her right before her Jewish Parents were discovered by Nazis’ and haled off to concentration camp and never to be seen from again? That’s right, it was none other than a Serbian family and people who put themselves at great risk of being killed by the Nazis had they been discovered to have helping a Jew.

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