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Randal M. Bundy

Second Amendment Proves Time and Time Again,
our Founding Fathers were wiser that All of the
Anti-Gun Crowd

by Randal M. Bundy - 25 October 2014

It is a GOD given Right to be able to protect yourselves at all times, even more so now since All citizens are being Targetted by Islamic Terrorists

The NYPD has now, rightfully classified this Assault as a Terrorist Attack.  I commend their officials for their bravery to do so and speak the truth.  The Federal Authorities "Politically Correct Efforts to classify all such attacks as "Workplace Violence", instead of what it really is, which is "Islamic Terrorist Attacks".  I personally have friends who are on the NYPD,  both Detectives and Uniformed Officers. The least the Federal Authorities could do to honor the brave men and woman would be to be completely honest with them and the country as to the dangers they face every day in an effort to protect us all.

I also assert that this is particularly the reason why every Law bidding citizen of the United States should be permitted the rights to own and carry firearms, yes even in New York City.  New York city residence were never designed by the founding fathers to have a different Constitution and Bill of Rights they rest of us do have.  Yet for some reason they keep electing those leftist-liberal type who pursue gun control.  The Law bidding citizens are suppose to just Trust Them Them, yet they feel as though they, the Law Bidding Citizen can not be trusted with a firearm? 

I also assert that people in other countries should also wake up to realize that these Constitutional Rights we in America do have spelled out right in our Bill of Rights should also be demanded by them from their Government Officials.  Yes even beloved peaceful Canada, you too have the GOD given right to be able to protect yourselves.  Throw off the useless and ridiculous chains of the Leftist-Socialist influence in your own Government.  Take Back your GOD given rights as Law Bidding citizens. You too can be trusted to make rational decisions regarding your own protection.

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