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Saudis under threat from ISIS, can They fight their own War?
by Randal M. Bundy - 27 March 2015
Obvama and the Saudis
Obama  has been playing both both sides of the fence when it comes to Sunni and Shia Mulsims and now Saudi Arabia finds itself under threat from ISIS.  However Saudi Arabia can not legitimately complain since Saudi Arabia has been playing both sides of the fence for years now in regards to Muslim Terrorists and the Western Non-Muslim countries.  

Apparently by the headlines Saudi Arabia is stressed out by the Obama Administration's strategy in Yeman.  Well wellcome to the ball game Saudis, we've been stressed out now for over the 6 years that Obama has been usurped the Presidency of the USA, thanks in part to the vast amount of money YOU contribuetd illegally for his election and re-election campagnes.  

Obama is assisting both Shiite Iran and Sunni Riyadh
.  As Yemen becomes the new proxy battleground between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran, the United States finds itself in a position of helping both sides at the same time.  Saudi Arabia has begun air attacks against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels while Iran has warned the Saudis against further attacks.

Obama taging along behind the Saudis like a little puppy dog.  I wonder if the Saudis actually realize that all along Obama has been as much a traitor to them as he has been with Israel and our other allies around the world and as much a traitor to the United States and it's people?   As for the Rebels in Yemen and the threat now facing the Saudis, well it is kind of like a dog biting the hand that fed them, since everyone should by now know that the Saudis have financially supported almost all of the Muslim World's Terrorists and Rebels, regardless if the were Shia or Sunny.  

So I guess the world will now have a chance to have answered the question that many have wondered, can the Saudi Military actually fight and protect it's country and people?  They never have had to in modern times, since western countries have always come to their aid and rescue..  Will the Saudis actually end up loosing the cities of Mecca and Medina to the very DOGS they have fed all these years knowing they were targetting the very same western, non-muslim countries that protected them?  I guess we're going to find out soon, but I really don't think too many of us will shed a tear for them and it is sort of a Poetic Justice for their "backstabbing us all these years" and "playing both sides of the fence".

You see in the world of the Saudi Royals, Obama really is considered just, "A little Monkey Boy". Now before anyone gets upset over that "Racist Remark", those words actually come diretly from the Saudi Royals themselves.  Yes it is a direct quote from them.  They are not my words, I am only repeating exactly what they have said, some in private among themselves but others have slipped up and said it publically, but the Western Liberal Media will not repeat it, even though they do understand spoken Arabic becasue they have Arab consultants working for therm.  That's right, "self Sensorship" on the part of the Western non-Muslim News Media. 

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