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Saudi Arabia
Saudi money financed Benghazi attack
  1. Saudis under threat from ISIS, can They fight their own War?
  2. Saudis Paying the Devils Bills
  3. House of Saud and their money, behind it all
  4. Muslim Pornography in Saudi Arabia causes Outrage & Shock!
  5. Saudi Arabia persecutes Christians yet begs "Christian World" to Save their Asses from ISIS
  6. Lama Sharif Al Shammari
The Saudi's have always played both sides of the fence in order to peddle their oil on the world market and to keep Muslim Terrorist Wolves away from their own doors.  However their success of the past seems to be coming to an end, as ISIS has even been bold enough to lay claims to all of Saudi Arabia itself.  This little prospect would not only eliminate the "make believe" Saudi Royal Family and give ISIS all of the Arabian Peninsula and all of that oil that sits safely under it's sand, but would also grant ISIS the management and governorship of both Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina.

We do not ask the Saudi's to take sides in wars which the Muslim Terrorist are waging against us in their quest to conquer our lands and slaughter our people or convert our people to their demonic religion.  We do however demand that the Saudis stay the Hell out of it all together, which includes secretly funding it, which we know damn well they are have always done.

The American people and the rest of the Non-Muslim World are pretty well in agreement that in order to stop Terrorism, you must starve the Terrorists by depriving them access to funding and supplies as well as preventing those who would be Terrorists from entering our countries. 

There will come a time when the world will no longer buy oil from Saudi Arabia or any other country which funds Terrorism.  When that time does comes, the Saudi can eat their oil, since their country does not produce enough food to feed it’s own people and nothing else of any real true value on the world market. Their seems to be no other natural resources existent in Saudi Arabia, until perhaps the world might need to begin to importing sand for their resort beeches or to fill sand bags for their military uses.

The Saudi's also have this little unattractive attitude of believing they are somehow superior to the rest of the Entire World.  So perhaps since they do govern over the two holy cities of Islam, being Mecca and Medina then perhaps they can make a living by charging other Muslims of the world an admission fee to enter these closed cities for their required Muslim pilgrimages.  Perhaps during the off season, they can return to being sheep and goat herders or perhaps Camel Groomers and Olive Pickers.  Perhaps they can all go back to living in tents like their traditional Bedouin Ancestors did,  before the British Empire Dubbed them to be a Monarchy, which was actually just make believe as there is not a single drop of true Royal Blood amongst any of them.  Without that Oil, they would be nothing, which is really what they have been all along because simply making claims to be descendants of “Muhammad the False Prophet“, is in itself not a real claim to any sort of elite status in the “Real World”. As a matter of fact it would not be something that I personally would even consider mention on a job resume or an application to join a country club.

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