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Russians Refer to Obama as "Maximka", a 1952 character from a popular Soviet movie of a "little black boy"
saved by Russian sailors

Randal M. Bundy - 29 December 2014
I have known and been friends with many Russians, both as personal friends and business associates. There are several things that I have learned about the Russians and their character and I have learned to respect them for these things.  
(1) - Russians have no regard or respect for a weakling or a wimp, such as Obama.
(2) - Russians have no regard or respect for anyone who is indecisive, such as Obama.
(3) - Russians have no regard or respect for anyone who is a traitor to their own people and country, such as Obama.
(4) - Russians live in a pretty rough neighborhood and a dangerous part of town where only the strong and tough survive and this includes their woman too.  For well over 100 years Russians have been staring across the border at over one billion Chinese and North Koreans as well as East European Countries.  As such they can not afford the luxury of any weakness and general defects like Obama possesses, displays and reflects.  Russia is a land of "Real Men" and Real Woman" and if those who are not prepared to live up to their standards then it is best to just stay at home and away from them.  It's like the old saying, "If you can't run with the Big Dogs, then stay on the porch".  It makes absolutely no sense to send Ambassadors or State Department Officials to Russia as representatives who do not measure up to the standards of what Russians expect of men and certainly do not send a woman.  There is also another old saying which applies here as well, "we are known by the company we keep" , but in this particular case "we are judged by those we chose to represent us".  If you send a "woman" or a "little sissy boy burocrat" to represent you, instead of a "real man's man"  then Russians will judge you as the same.  

My assessment here regarding the Russians does not necessarily mean that I like them or their Government, since I do in fact regard them as my potential enemy, whom one day I may be fighting against on the battlefield.  However I do know enough to recommend to all people who would have any serious dealings with them, either as Diplomats,  Business Partners, Associates or just a simply Business Relationship, Do Not Send A Boy To Do A Man's Job.

My only request of the Russians is this:  You don't like Obama any more than we "Real Americans" do.  You are in possession of "Secret Documents" on Obama that go way back during the Cold War.  You know what he is, What he is really all about and you know where he was born, which was NOT Hawaii.  So why not share some of those "Secret Documents" with Us?   Send me an email at: .  I'd loved to have a conversation with you about these secrets that I know you do possess.

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