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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor
Russell Brand, the Idiot and Socialism he Advocates
by Randal M. Bundy
Russell Brand
This idiot, Russell Brand should begin by example. Does he make more than someone else, if so then why has he NOT contributed whatever he has made from his success above what he actually needs to live on, to those who have made less than he has? Does he live in a bigger and more expensive house than someone else? Then he should sell that house and buy a smaller house like everyone else has and the difference in money should be given to those who can not afford a house.  Does he drive a vehicle more expensive than a VW?   If so then he should sell that vehicle and buy a VW and give the difference to someone who can not afford a car.   Get my point here folks, this idiot Russell Brand and ALL the rest of the Hollywood Crowd, the leftists will "TALK THE TALK" but will never actually "WALK THE WALK".

It looks like he is being interviewed, presumably in his own home. That's a nice, expensive looking home he has there. However if he want me or anyone else in the real world to take him serious, he should be living in an apartment in downtown Chicago.  Perhaps if he were to come down off of his podium for a little while and read the famous book, "Doctor Zhivago' and actually have enough intelligence to understand the theme of the book, he just might be singing a different tune. Plus let him actually go out there and  get those pretty soft hands of his dirty for a few years like the rest of us have.  He might actually understand what it is like to earn something and have someone else advocate taking it away from him.

I might also recommend, rather he is an American or British, that he read the diary of William Bradford, the first Governor of the Pilgrims who came to America and tried to enact a system where the work and earnings would be shared equally between everyone. (What We know today as Socialism). The Results proved to be a dismul failure and thus followed what is called, "The Starving Time" in which more than 1/3 of the entire population of the colony starved to death.  Additionly we now know that  cannibalism occurred as a result, although it was not legal.   So the following year William Bradford and those who survived the "Starving Time" enacted a program of what we now know today as Private Property Rights and Free Market Enterprise, what some people might call Capitalism.  It was successful and as a result the colony flourised and eventially because of it, the United States was born.  

Here is the United States, we use to have a system based upon what William Bradford had initiated to ensure success and prosperity in the New Colony.  We use to actually have Free Market Enterprise and Private Property Rights here in the states, but that all started to change, first with Roosevelt and his fellow progressives, and later with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and now finally with Obama - it is Socialism that has been tried numerous times and ALWAYS with the same results of FAILURE.

Progressives and Leftists always seem to try to repackage the same old socialism, they give it a new name,  package it with bright colures,  new wrapping paper and promote it to young naive people who are not educated in history and have no experience in life, let alone sound economics.  Somehow they, the Socialists thing that regardless of all the failures of socialism through out history that it is they would will some how bring it to success, because as their parents told then countless time, "YOU ARE SPECIAL".

Insanity is described in part as repeatedly trying to do something and failing but continually trying again and again and not understanding why failure occurs.

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