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Russell Brand Escapes again from the Crazy House
He's on the Loose, Beware, Caution, Hide Your Children, Hide your Pets, Arm Yourselves and Post Guards on Every Street Corner.
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 January 2014
Russell Brand Crazy Man
Really now England, can't you find some way to keep your lunatics under control and contained from escaping and causing such a ruckus?  I actually do enjoy the antics of Russell Brand.  Recently he proclaimed that "Americans need Guns and Chris Kyle becasue they're Afraid".  Wow, What a Revelation that Russell Brand has presented us with!  In this particular case Russell Brand makes my point and that of every other law biding American Citizen who owns a gun for self protection and to ward off the Tyranical Dictators who would love nothing more for all of us to voluntarily disarm like the British, French and Germans and other European countries have.  Just like sheep ready for the slaughter.  However we Americans have other plans for those who would wish to conquor our lands, enslave us or slaughter us.  You see we have no intentions of dying like sheep.  If we are going to die, we fully intend to take as many of the enemy with us as we can.

Now I agree with Russell Brand, although I know that he did not intentionally mean to make our valid point for us in regards to why we insist upon owning and baring firarms.  The fact is that he make the point well for us that the world is a very dangerous place to be and that we have all reasons in the world to be afraid and that being armed is to the teeth as a deterant against those who wish to harm us.  For every Law bidding citizen to be armed to the teeth is in fact the only way to preservation of ourselves, families, people, country and society.

Russell Brand was actually trying to do is play a little phycological game on us, but of course it does not work.  He's just going to have to try a little harder the next time.  Maybe that phycological warfare might work in Europe but not in America.  Americans are not as naieve and easily suseptable as perhaps people are where he comes from, which is not the United States.  

In fact we Americans admit our fears to some degree, we live off of it,we eat it for breakfast and we better never stop either.  The fear we have is for a damn good reason because it is an internal safety mechanism that we are born with.  That fear switch turns on at the right time and to wake us up and opens our eyes to the danger that is coming.  It is like when you are standing on a cliff and over looking that huge distance between you and the ground way down below you and you feel a sudden fear.  Your mind is trying to tell your body, get the hell back away from the edge you fool.  So to Russell Brand I would say, "Instead of waisting time trying to play psychological warfare with us, perhaps you would better serve yourself and seek the help of a psychologists or even a psychiatrist for the help you need.

In this particular case
Russell Brand does make sense somewhat even though I know that he did not actually mean to and he certainly did not intentionally pay us a complement either.  I suppose that sometimes even a crazy man can actually stumple upon the truth, just like a blind man can sometimes feel his way out of a room.

I will further explain that yes to some degree I do agree with Russell Brand, Americans are afraid and as a matter of fact we are scared to death at what is happening to our country and our world.  What frightens us even more is the act that it is our own political leaders who have allowed those people to enter our country and our society who are actually dangerous to us, our families, our children, our wives and daughters.  Furthermore we know for a fact that Law Enforcement and Government in general can not provide security for us.  We know for a fact that none of them can protect us, our families and our country from the harm that people like the Muslims and illegal aliens would have in store for us if they could, which is invade our Conquor us, enslave us or slaughter us all, but that's not going to happen since we have more guns than we do people.  As a matter of fact there is a ratio of at least two guns for every one person which is owned by 70% of the population consisting of 360 million at last count.

We in America have written right in our Constitution of the United States the Right to own and bear fire arms.  It is our second Amendment and it is second only to the first Amendment which is Freedom of Speech,  Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press and we in the United States are wise enough to know that if we surrender the second amendment then in time the first amendment will be lost to a tyrannical government and dictators.  Russel Brand may not comprehend this but that is because he is truly a crazy man, a lunatic and a leftist.

As for Russell Brand's comments regarding Chris Kyle,  well perhaps he'd like to visit with some of the Navy Seals and shoot his mouth off to them.  I know a few Navy Seals and 
have all respect and admiration for them and I can pick up a phone and make it happen for Russell Brand at no charge. But I know that isn't going to happen with Russell Brand becasue with him, tlk is cheep.  Russel Brand enjoys sitting in comfortable, safe and secure surroundings protected from the real world.   The Navy Seals would tear him up and feed him to their dogs for a little snack before dinner.  I’d like to be there to watch that.

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