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Roman Catholic Church Interfering With American Politics Violates it's own Non-Political Policy
by Randal M. Bundy 31 July 2015
Catholic priest Apologizes to Donald Trump and the public for the Crazy ‘NATIVIST’ Rant of Cardinal Dolan
Trump and Cardinal Timothy Dolan
This week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan took to the New York Daily News to write an incoherent and defamatory political hit piece against Donald Trump.

As a Catholic priest, I can only say it is embarrassing to have a Cardinal so blatantly and unfairly trying to associate Mr. Trump with the worst kinds of racism imaginable. I offer an apology on behalf of so many Catholics who are outraged by the dirty politics of Cardinal Dolan.

Let's Clairfy here folks, Cardinal Timothy Dolan is a Representative of the Catholic Church and he is attempting to sway public opionion against a legitimate political candidate and thus interfere with the Political System.  Thus violating the "seperation of Church and State.

It appears more and more to me that elements within the Catholic Church have not only gone over to the side of Satan but have also gone over the side of Marxism and Multicultural Destruction of the American and Europeaan Societies as well.  This applies toward the Pope himself and now it is evident within the Cardinals as well.
- Randal M. Bundy - 31 July 2015

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