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The Robin Hood Story
Is Not The Basis Of A Successful Economic System

We all love the Robin Hood Story we grew up reading as children but most of us realized after becoming adults that it was only a story and not the basis of an Economic System.

The best thing for any leader or government that truly wants a healthy and vibrant economy, is to leave the Private Business Sector alone, reduce any taxes levy upon it, and avoid any unnecessary government restrictions and regulations.  Most things in this world government DOES NOT do well and micro managing the Free Market Enterprise System is at the top of that list. 

If Government would instead of demonizing the Business Class, the owners of business who actually hire people who need and want jobs, then this would encourage citizen to participation in the Free-Market System by allowing reward of profit for those who are willing to venture into self employment.  Success for them means they grow their business, thus hire people to work there who would otherwise take up the welfare roles.  Business would flourish and prosper.  The business owners would expand their business as the economy prospered.   This system is not a theory that I have created, it has been tried and tested for thousands of years and it has worked successfully.  However there are a number of elements that if introduced into this successful Economic System will cause it to fail,
(a) - The first is Unnecessary Government Involvement in the Free Market System.  The key word is Unnecessary.  With the Obama administration which we have now, the goal certainly is to destroy it by controlling it and regulating it out of business.  Obama as much admitted this before his first election and as far back as when he was a state Senator for Illinois.  Obama's main influence as he was growing up was with Marxist's who maintain an exact opposite economic objective.

(b) - The next element is a excessively high taxation which is really not even necessarily.  People should understand that if government backs off and allows for the free market system to work, the more jobs will be created, more people will be working instead of drawing unemployment, welfare and other  forms of public assistance.  The more people who are employed, the more tax revenue flows into the government treasury.  But if the government taxes a company based upon their profits, then that profit that would have otherwise been spent on improvements to the company and perhaps expansions, then you have actually taken money out of circulation and diverted it to support a blotted government burocracy that in itself does not produce any products for the market.  Of course when the owner of the business actually takes money out for his personal income, yes of course he is taxed on that income and it too flows into the government treasury.  Consider also a Corporation that has shareholders and that corporation has a profit.  If the profit is distributed among it's shareholders and those shareholders then that money is taxed as income they have received.  However you tax that profit before it is distributed, then in the long run you have hurt the free market system itself by double taxation.  Governments like Obama's like to confuse the public and create a feeling of envy by having people believe that Corporations are not paying taxes or not paying enough taxes, when in fact they are already paying tax by simply operating as a business.  The Corporations already pay taxes just to have employees.  The taxes they pay toward their employees social security, unemployment benefits, local and state taxes are all ignored by obama when he attempts to confuse the ignorant masses by saying that Corporations are not paying taxes or not paying enough.  One must understand that when you have a small corporation that might have 100 employees, that is 1oo families who are being supported, 100 people who are paying taxes, 100 people who are not taking from public assistance, 100 people who are at some time or another buying cars and lecture items that they pay taxes on, and it goes on and on all across the country.  This is what you want if you are a President or Government who really wants a healthy and vibrant economy.  You do not want to inflate the welfare and unemployment roles and you do not want an excessive amount of Government workers either, because all of that actually hurts the economy.

(c) -  the other is element which is a hindrance to the free Market System is what I call Predatory Entrepreneurs or entities.  By that I mean simply the huge Mega Corporations that Gobble Up all of the smaller competition and end up themselves controlling the market.  So yes to some degree Government Control is acceptable and necessary, for the sake of the Free Market itself.  An example of these types of Predator Entities are companies like WalMart who not content with participating in the Free Market System, their goal is to Control it and create a monopoly.  I have conducted a study of WalMarts business practices and the details of the results are too long to explain here. It is preferable for economic growth for a community to have 100 small specialty shops and businesses rather than to allow a mega-corporation like Walmart, who when they enter a community will destroy all 100 other competitors who can not possibly compete and thus that Mega-Corp is in fact a destructive fore to the free market System.  Furthermore the local community government, state and federal actually do receive a greater flow of revenue with the 100 small business. 

If government will stay out of the way and stop hindering the free market, the the wealth of the economy will strengthen and more people will become middle class and some will even excel to the rich class.  People should stop worrying about if some guy down the block has more money that they do or is someone is rich and instead focus their attention of themselves becoming successful.  However this does not apply when you have predator corporations as I mentioned above.

Obama and the people he has running this government play upon  Classic Envy that is always present among us.  However if people recognize that this is what Obama and the democrats use as a tool to be elected and re-elected then that is step one for them to actually better themselves.  Envy is a waist of valuable time that could be put to better use by starting their own business and becoming successful or by furthering ones education so they can perhaps get a better job in the near future.

Obama's interference and persecution of the very Spirit of the Free Market System has predictably created higher unemployment, less wealth among the private sector and thus less revenue flow into the government in the form of taxes.  All this I have been writing about since before Obama's first election and I also predicted what would happen to the economy as a result of his Marxist ideology, which has already a history of destroying healthy economies through out the world.  I am not psychic, just well versed in history.  So now we are seeing the results of Obama's failed economic theories of  "Steal from the rich and give to the poor".   In fact it has never worked through out history and it does not work now and never will work.  We all loved the Robin Hood Story when we grew up but most of us realize that it was only a story.

By the way the true estimates of the Unemployed and Under Employed in the United States is far higher than what the Obama administration is admitting to.  Yes they are deliberately practicing a policy of "Tell a Lie, Tell it Often, and eventually everyone will believe it is the truth".  The Actual figures are somewhere around 37% which is higher that it was during "The Great Depression" that our grandparents had to suffer through.

Robin Hood Obama
& the Maid Moocho Michelle

Robin Hood Obama

Chicago Grassroots React to State of the Union--Obama, The Big Let Down

This video is very revealing on many levels.  It shows how Obama has used the Black Community and really does not care about them and that as these people in the interviews here are saying that his policies have in fact created higher unemployment among black people because Obama is attacking all business in America. This video is well worth watching to get a real insight into the discontent of the black people in American. Of course Obama's economic policies and unnecessary government regulation and control is in fact  causing  unemployment to rise for ALL people across the entire spectrum of society

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