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Bundy Family of the United States
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Family Crest "Bundy of Roxton"
These files are intended for those Bundy Families of the United States, Specifically the Southern Branch who may be conducting their own geneological research as well as other families which are allied by marriages or close associations.  However anyone of course is welcome to view them if it is of interrest to them too.  These files represent many years of research by many people, including Queen Victoria herself who had in her time commissioned the official research into her family geneology which contributed to and made our research  results possible.
English Nobility
British Royals
Scottish and Scottish Royal Families
  • James I Stewart - King of Scotland - 1394
  • Egidia Stuart - 1316 
  • Alexander Stewart - 4th High Steward of Scotland - abt 1214 
  • Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyl
  • Egidia Stewart - d: bef 1406  
  • Alexander Stewart - 6th Earl de Menteith  
  • Janet Stewart - Heiress of Cambusnethan 
  • Janet Stewart - 1500 - dau of:  John Stewart - 2nd Earl of Atholl
French Royals

American Historical Figures
Special Notes
Mary Plantagenet - abt 1320
Bundy Families of the United States

Powers-Davenport - this line goes back to and beyond, Redburga of Septimania  - daughter of Theuderic [Thierri] of Narbonne aka (Theodoric \ Dietrich - Duke of Toulouse) aka Makhir 'a Jewish Prince - Margrave of Septimania - abt 0700 in Babylon - married:  Auda - Princess of France - born in Heristal, Liege, Belgium 
(The identification of Theuderic [Thierri] of Narbonne with one of the Jewish princes who bore the name Makhir is generally accepted today by competent scholars)

Anne Calvert - born between 1582-1607 in Yorkshire (Daughter of:  Lord-Sir George Calvert - 1st Lord Baltimore - Baron of Baltimore - born abt 1579 at Kipling in Yorkshire

Ruth Martin - abt 1683  (descendant of Mayflower Passenger: Mary Chilton - 1607 & her husband John Winslow - 1597 )

John Winslow - (1597–1674) He was one of several Winslow brothers who came to the Plymouth Colony in its earliest years. His brothers Edward and Gilbert were passengers on the Mayflower in 1620. John Winslow was a passenger on the Fortune in 1621, and two other brothers, Kenelm and Josiah, also settled in New England, arriving before 1632. The Winslow family were involved in all aspects of the Plymouth Colony, producing in the 17th century several governors and making their mark in New England history in both government and business.

Mary Chilton - 1607  - By legend, Mary Chilton was the first passenger to step ashore at Plymouth, seemingly so excited that she jumped out of the small boat and waded ashore onto "Plymouth Rock." - See also Mary Chilton

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