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Talitha Harp - b: abt 1842 

Joel S. Powers - 1841 in Whitley Co Kentucky & Talitha Harp - abt 1842-1884 - married in 1865 - Joel Powers was married first to Talitha’s sister:  Elizabeth Harp who died.
daughters of:   
Elijah Harp & Elizabeth Lewis  - abt 1793 in Whitley, KY Married: 1838
son of: 
Thomas Marion Harp - 1780-1852 & Elizabeth Betsy Murphy - 1785 in Laurel Co, Kentucky died:1846        
son of: 
Thomas Marion Harp - 1755 in Granville County, North Carolina  & Elizabeth Lewis - 1760 in North Carolina (Not to be confused with Elizabeth Lewis above) 
son of: 
Thomas Marion Harp, Sr. - 1732 in Virginia - d: in Granville County, NC or Virginia & Sarah Unknown (Sampson ?) 1728 in Fairfax County, Virginia   
Notes for THOMAS HARP, SR:   
In 1769, there is America Harp on the North Carolina list of taxables in Granville County for 2 whites.  Thomas Harp is also listed with 2 whites.  America listed as Merica Hap as well as John Collom.  In 1770 Thomas Earp is listed on a true copy of Captain James Wooten's Muster list for Johnston County.  From State Records of North Carolina Granville Militia 1771 list Thomas Tharp, America Tharp and Henry Tharp ( Ronney G. Earp)   

Please bear in mind that until the American revolution, English commoners (in England or elsewhere) did not have but one given name.   

Only Royalty had multiple names.  Best Regards, Ron Holley (letter 12/9/99) I know they've appeared just as Thomas in some places like 1790 Granville County tax lists, but apparently Tom Sr. does appear as Thomas Marion on some colonial census for 1784 and 1786.  (I don't exactly know what's on the census though, as I only had an index looked up and I haven't found anywhere to get the actual census checked.) (Analee Watts)[v13t0670.FBK]   

More About THOMAS HARP, SR:   
Census: 1790, Granville County, North Carolina, household isn't listed   
26.              i.       JAMES SAMPSON SR.7 HARP, b. Abt. 1751, Granville County, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1828, Overton County, Tennessee.   
27.             ii.       THOMAS JR. HARP, b. 1755, Granville County, North Carolina; d. Unknown.   
                 iii.       SIBBIA HARP, b. Abt. 1765; d. Abt. 1801, Granville County, North Carolina; m. CHARLES MOORE, November 01, 1785, Granville County, North Carolina; d. Unknown.   

son of: 
Joshua Harp / Earp - abt 1706 in Baltimore County, Maryland  & Mary Budd
7.  JOSEPH4 EARP (THOMAS3, THOMAS2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1690 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and died Abt. 1750 in Baltimore County, Maryland.  He married RUTH YATES Abt. 1715 in Baltimore County, Maryland.  She was born Abt. 1690, and died Unknown.   
Notes for JOSEPH EARP:   
In 1719 he signed the same petitions as his father Thomas, regarding road rights.  His name appears with that of his brother John on the coloni al proprietor's rent (tax) roles for 1716-1728 for "Lurgan" which they inhe rited from their father.  They jointly sold the property in 1728.  He   
married Ruth Yates, the widow of George Yates.  Joseph and Ruth were co-administrato rs of George Yates' estate.  In 1725 they sold a property
known as "Yates Con trivance" which was located near "Lurgan" (Wayne Ward)   
It seems the spelling of the name becomes altered somewhat on records from Earp to Harp    
son of:  
Joseph Earp - abt 1690 in Baltimore County, Maryland  & Rebecca Unknown
son of: 
Thomas Earp, Jr - 1656 in Barony of Fews, Northern Ireland - died: 1720 in Maryland & Mary Peddicord - b abt 1654 in England - married:  1675
Thomas, Jr. moved to Derbyshire, England with his father around 1660.  By the late 1690's he was living near the Patapsco River, north-west of present day Baltimore, Maryland.  The first known record of him comes in 1698 when he witnessed the will o f John North, which he signed at Thomas Earp, Jr.  It is worth noting that in his will, John North had three daughters (mentioned by first name only), and the will was witnessed by three men.  These may well have been his sons-in-l aw, so Thomas Earp's wife may have been a North.  (Wayne Ward)   

The gateway ancestor of the renowned Earp family is said to be a Scotch-Irishman name Thomas Earp, Jr., who was born in Ireland and came to America before 1680.  According to Jean Whitten Edwards, compiler of the Earp Family Genealogy, Thomas Earp, Jr  probably came to this country like many of our ancestors, as an indentured servant.  Earp is not an Irish surname.  A British surname expert lists only one reference for it, spelled Erpe in 1561--and claims its origins are unknown.  However, American sources note that references to Earp can be found under the
spelling Harp.  Being aware of the British's propensity to drop the ir "H's", genealogists must consider this possibility when researching a surname without a vowel.  Wyatt Earp's great-great- grandfather appears on a 1776 Maryland enumeration as William Harp. (Allen Harp) 1689 witnessed the will, Patapsco River, Baltimore, Maryland. {FamilySearch File}   
son of: 
Thomas Earp b: bef. 1610 in England & Susannah Unknown born Abt. 1629 in England, and died Unknown
THOMAS2 EARP, SR (JOHN1) was born Bef. 1610 in Nottingshire, England, and died Abt. 1700 in Derbyshire, England.  He married SUSANNAH UNKNOWN.  She was born Abt. 1629 in England, and died Unknown.   
Notes for THOMAS EARP, SR:   
Thomas is shown holding his father's land in 1631, making him at least 21 years old at that time.  Thus, he was born before 1610.  If his father didn't immigrate from England until 1620, Thomas must have been born in England, not Ireland.  He returned to England about 1660. (Wayne Ward)[v13t06 70.FBK]   
son of: 
John Earp b: bef. 1595 in Nottinghamshire   
1.  JOHN1 EARP, SR was born Bef. 1580 in Nottingshire, England, and died Abt. 1631 in Baroney of Fews, Armagh, Northern Ireland.   
Notes for JOHN EARP, SR:   
John migrated to Northern Ireland about 1620.  He settled in Mull ighbrach Parish in the townland of Mullbert, Barony of Fews, a few miles south of the City of Lurgin, County Armagh.  We know that from 1620-1627 John Earps, yeoman, was lessee of two towns for 60 years in Clanconaghy in the Barony of Fews.  We next find mention of John in the 1625-1627 Armagh Manor Court Rolls Calendar, "Likewise they present that Daniel McGorry on the first day of July past by force and arms, that is to say with staves, broke into the lands of John Erpe called Ballebraghan and made entry and then cut and carried away from the said lands twenty loads of turn to the serious loss of him, John Erpe and in contempt of our Lord the King." (Wayne Ward)   
Thomas Earp was holding the land of the late John Earpe in 1631. (Wayne Ward)   
The following is from Allen Lee Harp: Research indicates that Harp began as an occupation name and means, "one who played a harp at a fair or festival or for an important lord."  John Earp is but one of the early immigrants who came to the New World.  It is important to note that there are many variations of our name to include: Harp, Harpe, Earp Earpe, Erp, Erpe and Eirp.   
Children of JOHN EARP, SR are: (
2.                i.       JOHN2 EARP, JR, b. Abt. 1600, Nottingshire, England; d. Abt. 1676, Baroney of Fews, Armagh, Northern Ireland.   
3.               ii.       THOMAS EARP, SR, b. Bef. 1610, Nottingshire, England; d. Abt. 1700, Derbyshire, England.

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