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Ruth Martin - abt 1683

Tristram Barnard & Ruth Martin - abt 1683  in Amesbury, MA
daughter of:
John Martin - abt 1649 & Mary Weed - 1653
son of:
George Martin - abt 1618 & Susanna North - 1621 - in Olney, Bucks., England  - d: 1692 in Salem, Essex, MA - Burial: Salem, Essex, MA - (Hanged as a witch in Salem, MA in 1692)
Ruth Martin - a descendant of Mayflower Passenger: Mary Chilton - 1607 & her husband John Winslow - 1597 in Droitwich, Worcestershire who came to the American Colonies on the Ship " Fortune". He was a brother to Edward Winslow and Gilbert Winslow who sailed on the Mayflower. Mary Chilton came on the Mayflower at the young age of 13, and legend has it she was the first female to step ashore at Plymouth. Her father died on the Mayflower and her mother, Susanna died shortly thereafter. Mary was left an orphan and was taken in by the household of Myles Standish. - John Winslow was also a Royalist who was descended from: Edward III - King of England  - 1312 
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