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The Bundy Family Crest
Bundy Family Crest
It is first important to understand that anything you find on the internet which proports to be a family "Coat of Arms" is probably a scam.  There is no Bundy Family Coat of Arms, and if someone advertises it, they are probably trying to get you to send money or pay for a fabricated history and a coat of arms that has nothing to do with this family.

During the Crusades, if a particular family in England who was NOT of noble status were to contribute to the crusader cause, then that family and the soldier who joined the crusade would be granted a "family crest", such as you see above.  This symbol would be abazed upon the breat plate and shield.

Usually the particular family member would select sopme particular symbol that was in some way associated with or had special meaning to that family.  

The Bundy Crest that you see here is a "hand clutching a Falcon's leg or claw.  This was because the family occupation of the time of the  Crusades was that of "Falcon Trainers for the King".   It is as simple as that and in those times that was a very respectable occupation and afforded the family close contact with the power of the Kings.  The wreath looking item you see below the symbol indicated that that family participated in the Crusades, as that was what the Knights would wear around the armor helmet.  It was Red and White.  The white represented purity of spirit and the red was symbolic of the willingness to shed their own blood in the cause of the crusade.

This Crest, would have been emplazed upon the shield of any member of the family in battle and would also have been on their breast plate.  Today all family people whose sir name is Bundy and whose origin is from England would be entitled to bear this family Crest.  Herodry in other countries such as Italy and France may have variations of the family name and have a different family crests.

Jasper Tuder
Jasper "of Hatfield" Tudor Duke of Bedford - 1430 in Wales
Charles VI of France
Charles VI de Valois - King of France - 1368 in Paris, France

Isabelle Wittlesback of Bavaria
Isabelle Wittelsbach of Bavaria - 1369

Louis VII king of the Franks
Louis VII King  of France

Adele de Champagne

Olga of Kiev
Olga of Kiev - Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga  - Born: c. 890 - Died: 11 July 969 (aged 79) in Kiev - Honored in: Russian Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism
ruler of Kievan Rus' as regent (945–c. 963) for her son, Svyatoslav.
Olga, a Pskov woman of Varangian extraction, married the future Igor of Kiev, arguably in 903. The Primary Chronicle gives 879 as her date of birth, which seems unlikely, given the birth of her only son probably some 65 years after that date. After Igor's death, Olga ruled Kievan Rus as regent (945-c. 963) for their son, Svyatoslav.
Research File:
Bundy Family ancestral line to the Kings of France,
through Tamar Symonds to Catherine de Valois - Princess of France,  
daughter of Charles VI de Valois - King of France

sister of Charles VII - King of France

Arms Of the Kingdom Of France
Randal M. Bundy & name unpublished  
son of:  Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas    
son of:  William Goeble Bundy & Beatrice Powers   
son of:  James Bundy - 1879 &  Abbey Parker  b:1879 - both born in Manchester, Clay Co, Ky, USA.  Both moved to Williamsburg Ky where he became succesful town barbour in the early 1900's   
son of:  William Letcher Bundy & Margaret Hooker b(abt)1857 in Clay Co,Ky m: 24 Oct 1874 - Clay Co,Ky   
son of:  Andrew Jackson Bundy 1852/1853 & Lucinda Bennett   
son of:  Nathanial Bundy b(abt)1777 & Lucinda Ruth Morris b1777   
son of:  Josiah Bundy II - b:abt:1762 - d1810 & Mary Ann Symonds - b:1766   
son of:  Josiah Bundy - b1710-1761 & Elizabeth Barrow   
son of:  Samuel Bundy "The Planter" - b:4Feb1676 -d1740 & Tamar Symonds - b1680 d1710 - da Pasquotank, NC   
Tamar Symonds is a very important ancestor of the Bundy Families as her line includes some of the Royal Houses of France.  Most of The Bundy Familys of the Southern Branch are descendants of Samuel Bundy "The Planter" - 1676 & Tamar Symonds - there are some exceptions and those whould include those who descend from his siblings.

Samuel Bundy "The Planter" - 1676 & Tamar Symonds - 1680-1719 - Pasquotank, NC - His brother was: Caleb Bundy - abt 1667
daughter of:
Jeremiah Symons - 1655  Ann Unknown - abt 1626  
son of:  William Symons - abt 1622 & 
Mary Conkling - abt 1622
daughter of: 
Jeremiah Conkling & Mary Gardiner - 1638 in Ft Saybrooke, CT  - her siblings were David and Elizabeth -  born on August 30, 1638 at Saybrook, Connecticut. She married in 1658, Jeremiah Conkling, the son of Ananias Conkling, who was from Nottinghamshire, England.
daughter of:
Lion Gardiner - 1599 & Merrichjen (Mary) Willemson Deurcant - born at Woerden, Netherlands about 1601. She died in 1665 in East Hampton, New York. She was buried next to her husband - daughter of:  the daughter of Dericke Willemsen Deurcant and Hachin Bastiens
Lion Gardiner b:1599 in Eng - Lion Gardiner was first proprieter of Gardiner's Island, having purchased it from the Indians and received grant from King Charles
Lion Gardiner was a military engineer who was contracted by Gov. John Winthrop in 1635 to build a fort and lay out a town, which would become Old Saybrook.  He arrived in what is now Old Saybrook in March, 1636 along with his wife, Mary and began to build a palisade.  His wife gave birth to his son, David in April, the first recorded birth of an English child in Connecticut.  - See also Lion Gardiner in Wikipedia
A military engineer in service of the Prince of Orange in the Netherlands, he was hired by the Connecticut Company in 1635 to oversee construction of fortifications in the new colony. He finished and commanded the Saybrook Fort at the mouth of the Connecticut River during the Pequot War of 1636–1637.  In 1639 he purchased from the Montaukett tribe an island which they called Manchonat, located between the North Fork, Suffolk County, New York and South Fork, Suffolk County, New York. The original grant by which Gardiner acquired proprietary rights in the island made it an entirely separate and independent "plantation," in no way connected either with New England or New York. He was thus empowered to draft laws for Church and state. He called it the Isle of Wight. It has since become known as Gardiners Island.

In 1660 he wrote a firsthand account, Relation of the Pequot Warres. The manuscript was lost among various state archives until rediscovered in 1809; it was first published in 1833.
Lion Gardiner
note:        The name Duercant, in its variety of spelling, is mentioned in the records as early as 1418, for on 27 February of that year Willem Duercant attaches his own seal to a document in behalf of the sheriff of "Gherwerscoep" (about 4 miles N.E. of Woerden in the province of Utrecht) who possibly had no seal of his own. This seal has Willem b. Duercant's name on it, and shows a fess and in chief a label with three points. During the following century another Willem Duercant is mentioned on 6 June 1519 a a landgenoot (landowner)in the landcourt district of Naaldwijk, 12 miles W.N.w. of Rotterdam, in a charter in the same collection as above. And about 50 years later there must have been again another Willem Duercant, whose son Dirck Willemsz. Duercant (the father of Lion Gardiner's wife) was in 1603 schepen at Woerden. According to the Orphan Chamber record Willem Duercant had tow other sons besides Dirck, viz. Pieter and Elbert Duercant.
      The parents of Lion Gardiner's belonged to the magistrate families of the small city of Woerden, at that time in the Province of Utrecht, at present in South Holland. Dirck was a schepen there in 1603 but died prior to 7 October 1607. His wife Haechje Bastiaens had a brother Pons Gerritsz.

son of:  Lyonel (Lionel) Gardiner - 1573 in London & Elizabeth Woodhouse (Wodehouse) - 1575  
son of:  George Gardiner - 1535  & Dorothy Constable - abt 1536  
son of:  George Gardiner - abt 1510 in Northumberland  &  Margaret Neville - abt 1515  
son of:  Stephen Gardiner - 1483 in Lancashire  & Margaret Grey - abt 1486 in Herefordshire
son of:  John Gardiner - 1446 in Lancashire & Helen Tudor - 1459 in Wales
daughter of:
Jasper "of Hatfield" Tudor Duke of Bedford - 1430 in Wales
son of: 
Sir Owen Tudor
- 1396 & Catherine de Valois - 1401 in France
Catherine de Valois and Sir Owen Tuder
daughter of:
Charles VI de Valois - King of France - 1368 in Paris, France & Isabelle Wittelsbach of Bavaria - 1369
son of: 
Charles V "The Wise" de Valois - King of France
- abt 1336 in France & Isabella of Bavaria - 1371 in Bavaria
son of: 
John II de Valois - King of France
- 1319 in France & Jutte-Bonne Princess of Bohemia - 1315 in Bohemia
son of: 
Philip VI de Valois - King of France
- 1293 in France & Joan de Bourgogne (of Burgundy) - 1293 in France
son of: 
Charles III de Valois, Count of Valois
- abt 1269 in France & Margaret d'Anjou
son of: 
Philip III Hardi - King of France
- 1245 in France & Isabella de Aragon
son of: 
St. Louis IX Capet - King of France
- 1214 in France & Marguerite Berenger - Countess of Provence - 1221 in France
son of: 
Louis VIII "the Lion" - King of France
- 1187 & Blanca - Princess of Castille - abt 1186 in Castile
- daughter of:  Alfonso VIII of Castile & Eleanor of England
Louis VIII and Blanch of Castile
son of: 
Philip II of FranceIsabelle of Hainautdaughter of:  Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut & Margaret I, Countess of Flanders
Philip II Augustus was the King of France from 1180 to 1223, and the first to be called by that title. His predecessors had been known as kings of the Franks but from 1190 onward Philip styled himself king of France.
Philip II King of France and Isabelle of Hainault
son of: 
Louis VII King  of France & Adele de Champagne - daughter of:   Theobald II, Count of Champagne, Matilda of Carinthia - Adèle of Champagne, also known as Adelaide and Alix, was the third wife of Louis VII of France and the mother of his only male heir, who became Philip II.
son of: 
Louis VI King of France & Adelaide of Mauriennedaughter of:    Umberto II, Count of Savoy & Gisela of Burgundy, Countess of Savoy and Marchioness of Montferrat
Louis VI of France
son of: 
Philip I King of France & Bertha of Hollanddaughter of:    Floris I, Count of Holland, Gertrude of Saxony
Philip I of FranceBertha of Holland
son of: 
Henry I King of France & Anne of Kiev (of Rurik dynasty ) - daughter of:    Yaroslav the Wise (of Rurik dynasty ) & Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden
Anne of KievAnna of Kiev
Two Images of Anna of Kiev
to be continued

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