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Bundy Family Crest
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Nancy Ellen Haile - (Haile, Nancy Ellen) - born abt 1787

Isham Esau Matlock - 1782 - Va & Nancy Ellen Haile - abt 1787
daughter of:
Meshack Haile - abt 1738 & Mary Caroll Buckingham from Baltimore County, Maryland - born: conflicting records:  either 1753 or 1757
Mary Carroll Haile (born Buckingham), 1753-1850
Mary Carroll Haile (born Buckingham) was born in 1753, at birth place, Maryland, to Thomas Jr Buckingham and Frances Buckingham (born Broad Garrett).
Thomas was born on October 30 1731, in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
Frances was born in 1670, in St Pauls Parrish, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
Mary had one brother: Thomas C. Buckingham.
Mary married Meshack Haile in 1784, at age 31 at marriage place, Maryland.
Meshack was born in 1738, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
They had one daughter: Barbara Medlock (born Hale).
Mary passed away in 1850, at age 97 at death place, Missouri.

son of: 
George Haile, Jr. - abt 1712  & Elizabeth Chaffinch - abt 1715
son of:
George Haile, Sr. & Emmet
son of:
Nicholas Haile II - 1656 & Frances Garrett - abt 1678
son of:
Nicholas Haile I (Judge) - 1628 in Rangeworthy, England or Lancaster, VA & Mary Virginia Travers - 1628 in Lancaster County, Virginia - d: in Baltimore, MD
he was owner of 738 acres NW brnch corotoman River - d:  1668 in Lancaster County, Virginia
son of:
Govenor George Haile - abt 1602 - Sailed on Ship "Supply" passanger #10, arrived 1620 f/Bristol, Gloucester, England / Resided in Hale Manor to Northumberland Co. Virginia & Elizabeth Unknown - abt 1602 in Bristol, England
son of:
conflicting records exist:
Nicholas Hale b: 1574 in England  & Jone Tucker
son of:  William Haile - Sherriff - 1558 in Hertfordshire & Rose Bond  - 1553
son of:  Richard Haile I - 1536 in Gloucestershire & Mary Lambert b: 1540 in Hertfordshire 
son of:  Thomas Haile - 1504 in Hertsfordshire & Anne Mitchell  - abt 1508 in Hertsfordshire
son of:  Edward Haile (Hale) - abt 1500      
son of:  Gilbert Haile (Hale)      
son of:  Henry Haile (Hale)      
son of:  Thomas Haile (Hale)     
son of:  Nicholas Haile II  (Hale)      
son of:  Nicholas Haile I (Hale) b: in Hales Place. Halden Co, Kent, England

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