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Comment from Randal M. Bundy:  Henry VIII is of course NOT one of my favourate charactors of history and he certainly is NOT an ancestor that I am particularly proud of.  It is unfortunate that we are not able to chose who we are descended from, for he certainly would not have been my first choice.  However some of his descendant through MArry Bolyen were actually descent and honest people, which confirms the fact that DNA does not necessarily determine the phycological makeup of the individual descendant for good or for bad.

It is fact that Mary Boleyn, the older sister of the famous Anne Boleyn was mistress of Henry VIII years before Henry married Anne Boleyn.  The relationship between Mary and Henry was agreeable to both Mary and Henry and as such Mary did not suffer the fate that Anne did.  The reason quite simply was that Mary was not insistant upon marriage as Anne was.  So when it came time that Henry tired of her, as he had a habit of with his numerous affairs with noble ladies, she accepted this fate and did not anger the powerful and short tempered King.  It would have been a benefit to Anne if she had accepted the same arrangements, but she had refused to sleep with Henry unless he married her and made her his Queen.  Obviosuly she later found out this to be a fateful mistake and she ended up having her head severed.

On the other hand Mary faired very well at court, both while she was Henry's mistress and after he tired of her.  She married a member of the court, Sir William Carey - abt 1492.  

It was long suspected thatHenry father several children with Mary, but this fact had been a closely guarded secret at court and it has only been recently confirmed through DNA research that two of Mary Boleyn's children thought to have been fathered by Sir William Carey's have in fact been determined to have been fathered by Henry VIII.

These children lived their lives probably not knowing the details and the family seems to have been favored at court and done very well for themselves.  Their descendants immigrated early to the American Colonies and the Bundy Family of the Souther Lines are known to be one of the families descended from them.
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Mary Boleyne - born about 1504
Mary Boleyn
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Lady Mary Boleyn, mistress to Henry VIII - King Of England and two of her children were in fact his children although they carried on the name of her husband "William Carey"  his decendants through these two children are alive today and the Bundy Families of the Southern Lines are one of those families.

(1) - Mary Boleyn - abt 1504 in Wiltshire - married: (a) - William Carey - abt 1492 (b) - Mistress of Henry VIII  (c) - Sir William Stafford (d. May 5, 1556) resulted in the birth of a son. He is considered to have been born in 1535 and to have died in 1545.
(2) - Anne Boleyn - married Henry VIII - King of England
daughters of:
Lord Sir Thomas Boleyn - Earl of Ormonde & Wiltshire & Viscount Rochford - 1477 & Elizabeth Howard - abt 1486 in Norfolk

Exactly when and where Henry VIII first noticed Anne is not known. It is likely that Henry sought to make Anne his mistress, as he had her sister Mary years before. Maybe drawing on the example of Elizabeth Woodville - Queen to Edward IV (and maternal grandmother to Henry VIII) who was said to have told King Edward that she would only be his wife, not his mistress, Anne denied Henry VIII sexual favors. We don't know who first had the idea marriage, but eventually it evolved into "Queen or nothing" for Anne.

Anne took to her chamber, according to custom, on August 26, 1533 and on September 7, at about 3:00 in the afternoon, the Princess Elizabeth was born. Her christening service was scaled down, but still a pleasant affair. The princess' white christening robes can currently be seen on display at Sudeley Castle in England.

Anne Boleyn, the second Queen of Henry VIII, was the daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn, afterwards Earl of Wiltshire, and Lady Elizabeth Howard. Anne was thus the maternal niece of Henry's courtier-statesman, the Duke of Norfolk. She spent some years at the French Court, before 1522, when she first seems to have attracted the notice of King Henry. Her elder sister, Mary, was, for a short time, the King's mistress at about that date. Anne was sought in marriage by the heir of the Percys and was perhaps privately contracted to him. By 1525, however, the King was secretly courting her. 

The line of descent from Mary Boleyn and Henry VIII


Sir Thomas West - 3rd Baron West  - 11th Lord De La Ware  & Lady Anne Knollys - 1555 in Stanford, Berkshire, England -1600-1620, Lansium [historical], Hants, England, at age 45 - Marriage: November 19, 1571, Wherwell, Hampshire, England  - her mother was first cousin of Queen Elizabeth - Anne's name has been noted with several spellings: Last name is also spelled Knowles.
Anne West, Lady De La Warr

Anne West, Lady De La Warr

daughter of:  
Sir Francis Knollys - 1514 & Catherine (Katherine) (Mary) Carey - abt 1520
(her brother was:  (1) - Henry Carey (or Cary) - 1st Baron Hunsdon - (March 4, 1525/1526 - July 23, 1596). Ennobled by Queen Elizabeth I on his deathbed.  
Catherine (Mary) Carey
both Carey children have been suggested as illegitimates of Henry VIII of England.
but officially they are recorded as children of:

William Carey - abt 1492 in England & Mary Boleyn - abt 1504 in Wiltshire
son of:
Thomas Carey - abt 1465 in Wiltshire &   Margaret Spencer - abt 1466
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