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Margaret Hooker
descendant of:  Thomas Hooker (July 5, 1586 – July 7, 1647) (See bottom of Page)

William Letcher Bundy b: 1852 Manchester, Clay County, Kentucky d: 1930 in Laurel County, Kentucky & Margaret (Margarette) Hooker b: 1856 in Manchester, Clay Co, Ky m: 24 Oct 1874 - Clay Co,Ky - m: 1874 in Manchester, Clay County, Kentucky
daughter of: 
James Hooker - b: 1826 in Patrick Co. Va or Tn - d: 1904 in Manchester, Clay Co. Ky. Burial: Engine Cemetery, Manchester, Clay Co. Ky. &  Emaline "Emily" Hacker (Heacker) - b: Abt. 1834 in Clay Co, Ky - d: abt. 1879 in Clay Co, Ky. m: Bef. 1852
James Hooker was a member of: 7th Kentucky Vol Inf - he was married (2) Sophia Coleman m: 1890 in Clay Co., Ky
son of
Esam (Easam) Hooker b: Abt. 1796 in Patrick County, Va. & Jursey (Jennie or Jinsey) Blancet - b: Abt. 1797 in Virginia m: Abt. 1814 in Patrick County, Va - *2nd Wife of Esom (Easam) Hooker: Elizabeth Adams m: June 19, 1862 in Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky

There is mention of a George R. Hooker of Clay Co. who was the brother of James Hooker who was the father of Margaret Hooker who we are decendant from.  The court documents lists the date as being 1839 and mentions that James Hooker was the father of Joseph Hooker and there was a deed registered in Knox Co court 27 May 1817.

Hooker families descended from James Hooker b1827 and wife Emily b 1832 he was from NC 
Their children were: Clinton Hooker b 1854 knox Co m Mary J. Wagners  had son Franklin b 1878; Franklin Hooker b 1856; Margarette Hooker m 10-24-1874 - William Letcher Bundy b
1853; Catherine Hooker b 1861 m 5-7-1896 to Milliard Scalf;  Elizabeth Hooker b1862; John Hooker b 1864; Salley Hooker b 1865; Daniel Hooker b1869; Nancy Hooker b 1869; Mary Hooker b 1853.Marriages:  Cassie Hooker m Chester Scalf 11-28-1906 Catherine Hooker m Milliard Scalf 5-7-1896 Zelphia Hooker m Jarvis Gray 5-25-1894 Zenia Hooker m Henry Scalf 7-18-1903


Thomas Hooker (July 5, 1586 – July 7, 1647) was a prominent Puritan colonial leader, who founded the Colony of Connecticut after dissenting with Puritan leaders in Massachusetts. He was known as an outstanding speaker and a leader of universal Christian suffrage.

Called today “the Father of Connecticut,” Thomas Hooker was a towering figure in the early development of colonial New England. He was one of the great preachers of his time, an erudite writer on Christian subjects, the first minister of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the first settlers and founders of both the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut, and cited by many as the inspiration for the "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut," cited by some as the world's first written democratic constitution that established a representative government.[2]

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