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Irini Dukaina of Byzantium
Princess and Empress of the Byzantine Empire
Irini Dukaina, Princess and Empress of Byzantium - b: abt 1065 in Constantinople, Byzantium 
daughter of:
Andronikos Dukas, Prince Dukas and Emperor - b: abt 1035 in Constantinople, Byzantium  d: 8 October 1077
Marija, Princes of Bulgaria b: abt 1032 in
Ohrid, Makedonija, Bulgaria,   d. 1081/1118
son of:
Ioannis, Prince of Dukas b: abt 1011 in Constantinople, Byzantium d: abt 1087  & Irini Pegonitissa b: abt 1011

note:  Andronikos Dukas
Irini Dukaina

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