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Euphrosyne Dukaina Kamaterina
Bulgaria, Armenian, & Serbian Royal & Byzantine Emperial Lineage

Alexios Angelus III - Emperor of Byzantium - 1143 & Euphrosyne Dukaina Kamaterina - 1163
Euphrosyne Dukaina Kamaterina
Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera (on right) with her husband
daughter of:
Andronikos Dukas Kamateros - b: abt 1108 - Eparch of Constantinople about 1156
son of:
Gregorios Kamateros  &  Irini Dukaina - Princess of Dukaina - 1083
Gregorios was son of: Basileios Kamateros - son of:  Unknown
Irini was daughter of:
Michael Dukas - 1061
son of: 
Andronikos Dukas - 1036 & Marija - Princess of Bulgaria aka Maria of Serbia - abt 1033
Andronikos Dukas - 1036 was son of:  Ioannis - Prince of Dukas - 1012 & Irini Pegonitissa - 1012 son of: Andronikos Dukas - 0980) ---end this line---

Marija - Princess of Bulgaria was daughter of:
Trajan van Bulgarije aka: Traianos (Trojan] of Serbia - Tsar of West Bulgaria - 0998 in Ohrid, MAC & Kontostephane Aballantia of Byzanium - 1003 in Ohrid, MAC 
son of: 
Ivan Vladislav van Bulgarije aka: Jovan [John] Vladislav of Serbia - Tsar of Bulgaria - 0966 in Ohrid, MAC & Marija [Maria] of Byzanium 
son of: 
Aron van Bulgarije aka Aron [Amitopoulos] Cometopoulos of Serbia - Tsar of Serbia - 0944 in Ohrid, MAC 
son of: 
Nicola Kumet of Serbia - Count Srdets (Palatine) of Bulgaria b: 906 in Dorjan-Euphat, Armenia & Ripsima [Hripsime] - Princess of Armenia b: aft  917 
daughter of:
Ashot VI Bagratuni "the strong" - King of Armenia  b: 900 & Mary of Katchen b: abt 900
son of:  Sembat IX Bagratuni "the martyr" - King of Armenia  b: abt 850
son of:  Ashot V Bagratuni "the great" - King of Armenia  b: 820 & Kotramide b: abt 825
Note: at the end of the ninth century, Ashot 1 Bagratuni (Ashot of the House of Bagrat), son of Smbat the Confessor, Prince of Princes was crowned King of Armenia by his peers[naxarars] in 885; he also received a crown each from the Emperor Basil I of Byantium (himself of Armenian descent[? ??]) and from the Caliph al-Mu'tamid, as a mark of their recognition of the newly installed monarch. Thus, the independent Armenian monarchy, dormant since 428, the end of the Arsacid period, was re-established. That monarchy may be described as the fifth monarchy of Armenia. The Armenian royal title: 'King of Kings of Great Armenia' was recognised by Byzantium".
son of:  Sembat VIII Bagratuni "the confessor" - Prince of Armenia  b: ABT 795 & Hripsime b: abt 800
son of:  Ashot IV Msaker Bagratuni - Prince of Armenia  b: abt 750
son of:  Sembat VII Bagratuni - Prince of Armenia  b: abt 715 & Dzoyk of Taron b: abt 725
son of:  Ashot III Bagratuni - King of Armenia  b: 726
son of:  Vasak Bagratuni of Armenia
son of:  Sembat V Buratean Bagratuni - King of Armenia  b: 625 & dau of Arschakouni
son of:  Varaz-Tirots II Bagratuni - King of Armenia - d: 643
son of:  Sembat IV Bagratuni - King of Armenia - d:607
son of:  Manuel Bagratuni - King of Armenia - Acceded 535
son of:  Spandiat I Bagratuni - King of Armenia d: 507
son of:  Isaac II Bagratuni - King of Armenia d: 483
son of:  Tirots I Bagratuni - King of Armenia  - d: 451
son of:  Sembat III Bagratuni - King of Armenia - d: 421
son of:  Isaac I Bagratuni - King of Armenia - d: 387
son of:  Sembat II Bagratuni - King of Armenia - d: 374
son of:  Bagrat I - King of Armenia  - d: 353
Founder of the Bagratide (Bagratuni) Dynasty of Armenia, Georgia and Persia. It is one of the longest and best documented DFA lineages.

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