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The Bundy Family Crest
Bundy Family Crest
It is first important to understand that anything you find on the internet which proports to be a family "Coat of Arms" is probably a scam.  There is no Bundy Family Coat of Arms, and if someone advertises it, they are probably trying to get you to send money or pay for a fabricated history and a coat of arms that has nothing to do with this family.

During the Crusades, if a particular family in England who was NOT of noble status were to contribute to the crusader cause, then that family and the soldier who joined the crusade would be granted a "family crest", such as you see above.  This symbol would be abazed upon the breat plate and shield.

Usually the particular family member would select sopme particular symbol that was in some way associated with or had special meaning to that family.  

The Bundy Crest that you see here is a "hand clutching a Falcon's leg or claw.  This was because the family occupation of the time of the  Crusades was that of "Falcon Trainers for the King".   It is as simple as that and in those times that was a very respectable occupation and afforded the family close contact with the power of the Kings.  The wreath looking item you see below the symbol indicated that that family participated in the Crusades, as that was what the Knights would wear around the armor helmet.  It was Red and White.  The white represented purity of spirit and the red was symbolic of the willingness to shed their own blood in the cause of the crusade.

This Crest, would have been emplazed upon the shield of any member of the family in battle and would also have been on their breast plate.  Today all family people whose sir name is Bundy and whose origin is from England would be entitled to bear this family Crest.  Herodry in other countries such as Italy and France may have variations of the family name and have a different family crests.

The name variations that of this very ancient European Family are:  Bundy, Bandy, Bondy, Bondai, etc.  

The origin of the family in England at the time that my ancestors immigrated to America, was Roxton, Bedfordshire, England.  It does appear as thought the origin of this ancient family could be the region known as Villa de Bonde and the Woods of Bonde (both of which are outside of Paris.  The are also a region of Germany known as Bondy.  There are also family in Norway, Demark and Sweden by this same name.  The villa de Bondy and the Woods of Bondy were already existent at the time of the Roman Empire when their was a Roman Garrison located near the same site ans the Villa.
- Thank you - Randal M. Bundy
Research File:
Bundy Family of the United States
Bundy Family Crest
Family Crest "Bundy of Roxton"
That's right folks, The Bundy Families of the United States are documented as having more Authentic, Legitimate and Rightful claim to the British Throne than any of those who currently occupy Buckingham Palace.  However as far as we are concerned the Queen has nothing to worry about from us, as we have no desire to "take her job". Besides the Bundy Familes are not at the top of the list of rightful claimants. The family that is at the top of the list currently lives in Australia and we send them our respectful and friendly regards.
- Randal M. Bundy - 15 December 2011
Queen Elizabeth II - NOT the rightful heir to the Throne of England
The Bundy Families of the United States (The Southern Branch) are also descendants of The same "Hastings Family"  whose descendants are in fact the Rightful Heirs to the British Throne.  The Bundy Families are descended through the female line of Alice de Hastings and others.  Although the Bundy Families are not at the top of the list of direct line to the thrown, they are of the same family and lineage and actually would have far more Rightful and Legitimate claim to the thrown than those who are current occupants of Buckingham Palace. 
See Files:  
  1. Alice de Hastings
  2. Alice de Hastings, heir of Little Easton
  3. Godfrey III, Count of Louvain - Godfrey of Louvain (d.1226), who went to England in 1196. He married Alice de Hastings, daughter and heiress of Robert de Hastings (d.circa 1190), feudal baron of Little Easton in Essex.

(1) - child (daughter) name unpublished - daughter of 1st husband
(2) - child (daughter) name unpublished - daughter of 2nd husband
daughter of
child (daughter) name unpublished  & (1st Husband deceased - name unpublished) / 2nd Husband name unpublished
daughter of  
Randal M. Bundy & former wife name unpublished - (lives on Long Island, New York)
son of:  Lannie Neal Bundy  & Minnie Edna Thomas    
son of:  William Goeble Bundy & Beatrice Powers   
son of:  James Bundy - 1879 &  Abbey Parker  b:1879 - both born in Manchester, Clay Co, Ky, USA.  Both moved to Williamsburg Ky where he became succesful town barbour in the early 1900's   
son of:  William Letcher Bundy & Margaret Hooker b(abt)1857 in Clay Co,Ky m: 24 Oct 1874 - Clay Co,Ky   
son of:  Andrew Jackson Bundy 1852/1853 & Lucinda Bennett   
son of:  Nathanial Bundy b(abt)1777 & Lucinda Ruth Morris b1777   
son of:  Josiah Bundy II - b:abt:1762 - d1810 & Mary Ann Symonds - b:1766   
son of:  Josiah Bundy - b1710-1761 & Elizabeth Barrow   
son of:  Samuel Bundy "The Planter" - b:4Feb1676 -d1740 & Tamar Symonds - b1680 d1710 - Pasquotank, NC   

notes pertaining to Samuel Bundy
Samuel's siblings were: William, Benjamine, Mary, John & Caleb  
Samuel and Tamar's children were: William, Jeremiah, Samuel, Jane, and Josiah   
Samuel and his second wife Ann Nicholson dt. Christopher Nicholson and Ann Atwood Nicholson (2/8/1787/9-9/16/1743)    
had seven children: Abraham, Gideon, Samuel, Jeremiah, Lydia, Aaron, and Christopher. - Spouse: Ann NICHOLSON Birth: 8 Feb 1687/1689, Perquimans Co, NC Death: 16 Sep 1743, Pasquotank Co., North Carolina  Marr: 11 May 1721, Perquimans MM, Perquions Co, NC - Other spouses Tamer SIMONS

son of:
   William Bundy II -b1630 & (1)Elizabeth Unknown  b1640 (2)Mary Scott Pearce   

William BUNDY  

The first mention of William in Perquimans County, North Carolina was about 1663 when he received land.   

William m. 2nd Mary (Scott) Pierce d/o Joseph and Mary Scott (William Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quakers, Vol. 1, , pg. 38, North Carolina (Edwards Brothers, Inc., Ann Arbor, Mich. 1936), hereafter called Encyclopedia of American Quakers). Mary's first husband was John Pearre/Pierce and their daughter Rebekah was the 2nd wife of Francis Tomes. Mary married 3rd Nicholas Simmons 30 Jun 1692 (Hathaway, J.R.B., Editor and Financial Agent, Edenton, N. C., The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, reprint, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. 1979, Vol. 3, No. 2, pg. 204) . This is sooner that most marriages after the death of a spouse, but women did marry quickly in those days for protection and care. Mary Simons' will dated 19 Sept 1722, proved 14 Jul 1724, mentions granddaughter Sarah Pierce, grandchildren John, Thomas, Sarah, and Joseph Pearce, granddaughter Mary Jones, granddaughters Sarah Pettit and Mary Smith, grandson Isaiah Smith, son Thomas Pierce, daughters Rebecca Toms and Sarah Pettit.   

William and Elizabeth may have had a daughter, Hannah, who married John Larance in 1692. She is shown as their daughter in One Ladd's Family by Ruth Kline Ladd.

 Caleb ( 1667-1721),  & Hanna (1670-1700 ), William (1671-1700 ) m. MARY SPIVEY.   
, Samuel who was born in 1676 (some records indicate 1674-1739),  Mary (1665-16 94) - m: TIMOTHY CLEARE, June 07, 1685, Perquimans County, North Carolina.   
After the death of Elizabeth, William remarried Mary Scott Pierce at her home on October 15, 1683. daughter of Joseph Scott and Unknown   
William and Mary had two children: 1. Sarah Bundy  (1/23/1684/5- ? )       m. abt 1711 to Francis Pettitt - daughter: Sarah Pettitt  b. Perquimans MM, Perquimans Co, North Carolina   (12/9/1708-5/21/1754)     m. 10/13/1726 to Joshua Scott  #BGA631   
2. Mary Bundy  m. 6/1692 to Nicholas Symons (Simons)

son of:    
William Bundy of Roxton, Bedfordshire, England b 1604 - (refered to as "the Elder") & Elinor Unknown  of Roxton, Bedfordshire     
son of:  
James Bundy II
of Roxton, Bedfordshire b 1587 & Agnes Child (Childs, Childe) of Roxton, Bedfordshire   
son of:  
James Bundy
of Roxton, Bedfordshire - Ancester Generation 14   

--apx 200 years gap in records between Simon de Bondy 1296- descent is speculative --  This family is presumed to be descended from the following French Families who migrated to England sometime prior to the arrival of William the Conqueror.  Upon his arrival this family already had lands in England for many generations and was listed in the census records known as the doomsday book.

Following is a translation of official French Records    

...Guillaume de Bondy and Jean de Bondy, riders Hand-Firm 1208-1215.....   (This term, "Riders-Hand-Firm" refers to mounted sodliers, possibly knights whose job it was to protect the roadways around outside of Paris and leading to neighboring cities and villages)
.....Jean de Bondy, rider Saint-Denis 1238-1296 Simon de Bondy, Hand-Firm rider 1330-1335 .....     
English Translation: One will find below vassal the large feudal ones enumerated above. The vassal direct ones of the lords of the pledged grounds of Bondy      
1150-1180 - Guillaume et Jean de Bondy - écuyers, vassaux de Livry      
1237-1240 - Jean de Bondy - écuyer, vassal  de l'abbaye de Saint Denis      
1238-1296 - Simon de Bondy - écuyer, vassal de Livry... 


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