Bundy Family Descendants of
George "All" Sizemore and Agnes (Aggie) Cornett Shepherd - both were Cherokee

James Bund
y - b: 1879 Manchester, Clay Co, KY - d: 1957 buried: Powers Cemetery, Whitley Co, KY & Abbey Parker b: 1879  in Clay Co, KY d: 1970 - m:  1897  
Both Abby Paker and James Bundy left Clay county sometime before 1900 - probably due to what later became known as "The Clay County War". This was actually a family fued between two very powerful and competing families in clay county - The White families and the Baker families. The fued involved also allied families on both sides. The Bundy family was allied through marriage with the White families. James and Abby moved to Williamsburg, Whitley County which is South of Clay County.
daughter of:  
William George Parker - 1860 in Ky & Elizabeth Gibson - 1859 in Clay Co. Ky - married  June 06, 1878 in Clay Co., Ky - 2 of her siblings were: William Gibson - 1848 in Clay Co. Ky Alabama Gibson - 1846
daughter of:  
Andrew Gibson - abt 1815 in Ky & Abbigail (Abilgale) (Abby) Sizemore - bet 1822-1830 in Clay Co. Ky
daughter of:  
Henry "Hunting Shirt" Sizemore - bet 1785 - 1790 in Virginia & Rachael Anderson.
Henry Huntingshirt Sizemore
Henry "Hunting Shirt" Sizemore
born 1790 in North Carolina - died Unknown in Clay County, Kentucky - Henry "Hunting Shirt" Sizemore born 1785 or 1790 in Virginia the son of George "All" Sizemore a Cherokee Indian and Agnes Cornett Shepherd and the brother of George "Goldenhawk" Sizemore. On December 25, 1815 in Clay County, Kentucky he married Rachel Jones daughter of Wiley Jones. Their children are; George Sizemore, William Sizemore, Henry Sizemore, Elizabeth Sizemore, Hugh Sizemore, Edward Sizemore, Ora Sizemore, Taylor Sizemore and James Sizemore. Henry "Hunting Shirt" died sometime between 1870 in Clay County, Kentucky. 
son of:
George "All" Sizemore - a Cherokee  and Agnes (Aggie) Cornett Shepherd aka (Shepherd-Cornett) - b: Abt 1753 - d: Abt 1833 - married:  in Abt 1770, in Cherokee Nation, Tryon Co (now Mecklenburg Co), NC - Variation of some old family stories say that Aggie's birth/Indian name was Shepherd, that she was raised by/adopoted by a family with the surname Cornett.
(George "All" Sizemore should not to be confused with George Edward Sizemore b: Abt 1754 Halifax Co, VA - d: 13 Jul 1822 Clay Co, KY - who married Anna Elizabeth Hart.)