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Anne Calvert

William Peaslee (Peasley) - abt 1589 in Yorkshire & Anne Calvert - born between 1582-1607 in Yorkshire died in 1672 - married in 1627
(Some records may list Anne's mother as Joane, but the date of her birth would indicate that she was Anne's daughter since Ann Wynne had not died untill 1622)
daughter of:
Sir George Calvert - 1st Lord Baltimore - Baron of Baltimore - born abt 1579 at Kipling in Yorkshire & Anne Wynne (Mynne)
he was titled in 1625 - colonizer in Newfoundland
he was married 2nd (after 1622) to:  Joane Unknown - d: 1630
son of:
Leonard Calvert - d: aft 1611 & Alice Crossland 381
- d: 1587 when George was 8 years old - Leonard then married:  Grace Crossland - Alicia's first cousin or daughter of John Crosland of Crosland; d. 15 April 1632 in England.
son of:
John George Calvert - abt 1525 in Bolton Castle, Yorkshire & Dorothy Margeria Leonard 2797
The Calvert family is said to have descended from a noble family in Flanders, France. The earliest Calvert record in England is that of 1366, when Margaretta Calvert found in Durham Manorial roles; old Yorkshire family.
son of:
Following is yet unconfirmed:
son of
William Calvert - abt 1500 in Raskell, Yorks, England & Alyse Crossland - 1503 in Crosland Hill, York Shire, England
son of
Sir Walter Calvert - abt 1477 in Yorkshire, England  

The Lord Baltimore.
(Painting by Stewart Montgomerie, 1997)
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