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Anna Komnene Angelina
Empress of the Byzantine Empire - 1156

yes she is an ancestor of those Bundy Families members of the United States whose origin is, "The Southern Branch" of the Family in the United States through the female lines who married into this family and the ancestry is documented in Queen Victoria's own Geneological Research conducted by the Crown during her lifetime.

Anna Komnene Angelina - Empress of the Byzantine Empire

Theodoros Lascaris I - Emperor of the Byzantine Empire - 1175 & Anna Komnene Angelina - Empress of the Byzantine EmpireBorn - c. 1176 in Constantinople Died - 1212 in Nicaea Constantinople
daughter of:
Alexios III Angelos - Emperor of Byzantium  &  Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera 

Alexios III Angelos

Noble Family:  Angelus
Anna Komnene Angelina or Comnena Angelina (c. 1176 – 1212) was a daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios III Angelos and of Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamatera.
Her first marriage was to the sebastokratōr Isaac Komnenos, a great-nephew of the emperor Manuel I Komnenos. They had one daughter, Theodora Angelina. Soon after Anna's father became emperor, in 1195, Isaac Komnenos was dispatched to combat the Vlach-Bulgarian Rebellion. He was captured, became a pawn between rival Bulgarian and Vlach factions, and died in chains.
Her second marriage to Theodore Laskaris, eventually emperor of Nicaea, was celebrated in a double wedding in early 1200 (the other couple was Anna's sister Irene and Alexios Palaiologos). Anna and Theodore had three daughters and two sons:
01 - Nicholas Laskaris (died c. 1212)
02 - John Laskaris (died c. 1212)
03 - Irene Doukaina Komnene Laskarina, who married first the general Andronikos Palaiologos and then John III Doukas Vatatzes
04 - Maria Laskarina, who married King Béla IV of Hungary
05 - Eudokia Laskarina, engaged to Robert de Courtenay, married bef. 1230 Anseau de Cayeux, Latin Governor of Asia Minor

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