Religion and the Lost Knowledge - by Randal M. Bundy
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I will say something here that might astound you, the reader and anger most of the Religious and Cult Leaders and Fanatics throughout the world of all religions. because it is directly contrary to what most of them will say.  When it comes to any of them and what they say,  Do Not Believe What they say.  Research and discover the Truth on your own and for yourself, as I have done and still continue to do.  This way you can not be disapointed in those religious leaders nor felt as though you had been taken advantage of and frauded by them.  If you wander into association with most of them, you might as well hang a sign around your neck which reads, "here is a fool that you can decieve and profit from!" becasue that is the way they will perceieve you as.  That also is what, for most of them is their goal.

One of my interests in Relgion itself and my life long quests, is of course The Origin of Mankind".  I am not satisfied with the answer to the eternal question by just accepting that "GOD created all, including mankind".  The answer must be more complete.

In the original script of the Hebrew bible there is clearly a statement which refers to us  "The Adam" which in Ancient Hebrew means Mankind.  God said "let us make the Adam in our image".  Note the use of Plural term "our", "In our image". and not "In My Image"  This is a great clue to the mystery which like many other before me has been a sourse of constant research.  Who was he talking to when he said, "let us make the Adam in our image".  

Clearly much of the History of Mankind has been lost to us or is still yet to be discovered.