Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015
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Randal M. Bundy while in Military Service

Now also consider the other enemies with our border who were born here and who themselves have proclaimed their intent to wage a war against us and who through their allies in Government under Obama are systematically persecuting the white population of our country.  What do you think they would do in an all our race war?  What treatment could any of us possibly recieve at their hands should any of us become prisoners of war, or if they got their hands on our family members and other non-combatant citizens who are white or Chritian in the case of our Muslim enemies?

You need only glanze at some pages in history or our enemies written words to get a glue.

I'm not only refering to those who are more blatant about their intent to conduct white genocide, I am also refering to those who have covertly been conducting and orchastrating white genecide through mass media manipulation for at least the 50 some odd years that my eyes have been open to what's been going on.  Yes there are in fact many people who are involved in the deliberate social engineering for the purpose of "outbreeding the White race which is just another form of White Geneocide.  Some of the people themselves are white intelecturals with socialist and Communist sympathies, some are intelecturals such as University Professors. An example of the latter is a more recent news article I have read in which a white University Professor, known Socialist/Communist instructing his university students that All whites should committ national suicide in order to satify past wrong doing to other races arounfd the world.  Yet the proessor himself does not indicate if he will be the first one to set an example and commit his suicide and also encourage his own white wife and white children to follow his example.  Do you understand what I mean about the enemy who knows no bonds in his war against us and our people and is themselves insane for advocating such nonsense and to imagine for a molment that somehow this idiot professor probably recieves a 6 figure sallery for peddeling such insane babeling to his students whose university tuition actually pays his salery, most of whom are in fact whites.  

How should we deal with such people once we have found them?  We won;t find these types on the battle field, no, no they wouldn;t last 5 minuites on the battlefield.  After the bullets start to fly they will be running to the nearest cave somewhere to hide.

It will be the monsters they have created and sent to the battlefields that we will be encountering first and who themselves will also be trying to encounter our unarmed  noncombatant citizens.  By now any one of us should have a pretty good idea of what their intentions will be toward our citizens if they get a chance. Againt just look at history to find out.
Regarding the Enemy who has Shown Full Intent and History of Violating All Civilized Laws of Warfare

Well I'm going to talk in this article  about those who themselves have declared their intent to slaughter us and our families and our entire race.  How should I feel about them and how should I regard them when I meet them on the battlefields of my American Homeland?  

Some of these enemies themselves may have been granted assylum in our country and many others who have been granted imigration status and of course those who are illegally aleins who've just slipped in through the gates left wide open by Obama and his cohorts.  Their is also others who are self described enemies of ours who were born here and made no mistake, they too have every intention of extermonating us and have used their freedom of speech to make this very clear.

Thoughts and Considerations
Black Americans - For the most part, Black Americans are decent, hardworking, law bidding citizens who simply want to live and let live the same as we do and I have known and still know many of them.  However they are not the ones we will be encountering and who we will have to contend with on or off the battlefield.  

The New Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam and the many other affiliated or non-affiliated Black Racists who may be young or they may be of any age.  They are the ones who  who have been taught from early infancy to hate the white man and blame him for every percieved shortcomings or failure in his life.  Some of the same
shortcomings or failures which really have no racial specifications or restrictions are common within white comunnities too.  However that little fact is never reported within the left leaning mass media through out the country.  When we also consider the phenominon of "Black Flash Mobs" and the racial targetting of whites for racial assaulsts we see a sampleing of the truly anamalistic behavior of which we can also expect if law and order breaks down completely and the battlefields will be without boundaries and the slaughter of the innocent will be without limit.

The persistant and never ending phenominon of self apointed and so-called "Black Civil Rights Leaders" are presently and in the past behind much of this anti-white indoctrination and anyone who actually researches through each and everyone of those involved will find that the individuals underline motive is "money and profit".  Civil Rights adovacy is in fact actually a very big business opportunity for the likes of people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharptin and the many other lesser known ones.

Now what do we do with The New Black Panters and The Nation of Islam as well as their many foot soldier affiliates who they will send into the battlefields against us and our people to slaughter, including our wives, children, elderly and other non-combatants, including any prisoners of war that may be unfortunate enough to fall into their hands?

The Muslim Jihadists - If anyone thinks they can actually sort out who the Jihadists are from those Muslims who may not really mean us any harm, you have made the first mistake and failure that will probably doom your society and kill you and your family members if you are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other non-Muslim including Atheist.

A family of Muslims, faithful to their mosque, which they all are rather they want to be or not and rather they like it or not, produces large amounts of offspring who most are considered desponsable in the Islamic Jihad.  Horrible isn;t it, that life is considered this way.  However don;t believe me, simple research yourself and you will find horrir stories of Muslim Mothers, strapping bombs to their little children and sending them toward Israeli Soldiers to blow themsleves up for the Jihad.  This is what they were born for and they they are expected to do.  It is what they are taught since infancy.  This phenominon is not exclusive with the Palestinians, it is common through out the entire Muslim world.  This is what we now have in the United States, right here in our cities and through out our country.  Each a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the right moment and the right location and ciurcumstances.  These are also the monsters who will be on the battlefields that I speak of.

Reconquista (Mexican) / Aztlan Sympathizers

Conitnued soon.