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Recognise a Lunatic Before you Marry Them or
Elect Them as President
by Randal M. Bundy - 06 November 2014

Obama is truly a sick individual.  I mean that in the of course in the psychiatric way, he is in fact mentally ill.  Now I don’t need to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist to be able to recognize someone who is mentally deranged.  I have spoken before about Obama’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder and that is only one of his illnesses.  I have read articles by people whose profession it is to diagnosis and treat people with mental disorders and they all agree that Obam really is very clever and conning but is also a raving lunatic.  They would love to have him as a patient and one who I spoke to would love to write a book about this mad man who somehow conned half of the American Population, not once but twice.

The point of my article today and that little bit of an introduction is because we now can see clearly the damage Obama has already done to the American Economy and American Society in addition to the reputation and standing within the entire world.

Finally American have come to realize that Obama is in fact a megalomaniac and a Threat to National Security and so they voted in large numbers for the Republican Party to STOP OBAMA in his tracts.  This is what I call the former democrat voters and previously Obama supporters, "Great Awakening".

Obama is truly a Con-Man and like all of them he has absolutely No Shame for what he has done or what he intends to do to this country and our society as well as the religious institutions of our country or the attacks upon our culture either.

He reminds me a the type of man that many woman fall prey to. You know the kind that I am talking about.  Most men can spot then right off and many woman can too, yet their does not seem to be a shortage of woman who fall for the type of man who can con their way into a woman's heart and life.  Now the same holds true for men also, we men sometimes are very easily deceived by a good looking woman who is also a con. So I am not implying here that woman are the only ones who are occasionally deceived.

However when it comes to electing a political leader, my criticism toward both sexes that make up our society is that people tend to judge a person completely by their appearance first and then their ability to speak and articulate.  Often people do not take the time to actually understand what the politician is saying or what their position is on anything that really does matter to the voter or what will effect their personal lives or the health of the country and society.  This is where the fault lies because the con man has practiced and polished his speaking ability long ago and as for his appearance, well anyone can buy suitable cloths and groom themselves to appear as that which they know will work for them in their con.  In the case of Obama, like many politicians he really was an effective con man to many, but not all of us.

I think I will write a book which I will title as, "Recognize a Lunatic before your marry them or elect them as President".

My objects of Obama from the very beginning have nothing to do with race or ethnicity and everything to do with his ideology.  I picked up on him as a con-man and a destructive force early on.  However people in general who did not look behind the proverbial veil saw what they wanted to see and believed in what they always had been hoping for, a Savior.  Obama played this out pretty well as a con man and he gave them exactly what they wanted.  He said exactly what they wanted to say but in reality it was no details at all.  He spend a great about of money and time having his entire past history cleaning.  No one was able to find out any detail about him and the American Leftist Media never asked any questions or dung into anything which could have educated the public on who and what he really was.

Well the good thing is that eventually the people found out.  Primarily because they themselves personally began to feel the pain that was being inflicted upon the entire society by Obama and his destruction.  The bad thing is that Obama is scheduled to remain in office for another two years and the damage he could do to our country is unbelievable.  Additionally in the near future there will be some other con man who comes along and looks good, dresses well, groomed perfectly, talks a good talk and leads some of the same people right down the same path of destruction that this con man has done.

Now everyone who did finally recognize the mistake they made by voting for Obama can certainly be forgiven since they did eventually come to their senses as I predicted they would.  However there are many Democrats who have not, as I see that there was plenty of support for Hillary Clinton who as we all know does entertain the thought that she too could successfully run and become the next President of the United States.  If that happens believe me when I say that she will overshadow Obama and his lunacy.  Hillary Clinton is far more of a lunatic that Obama is or ever was.  Hillary Clinton is as dangerous as "Rabid Pit Bull" that has been  muzzled and chained up in the back yard far away from away from any possible harm to other living creatures.  Since we've been talking about writing a book, the former president Bill Clinton could certainly write a "Tell-All Book" about his experiences with "Pit-Bull Hillary".  I am sure it would be a best seller but would probably be categorized under, Horror and Scary Section of any book store.

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