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Let's all take a little stroll around Realville, USA shall we?
July 05, 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy

Consider this, that in business "word of mouth advertising will either make you or brake you".  That is not a concept that I have created, I learned it as a first principle of business administration and particularly marketing and advertising. 

Now consider that the cause of the higher unemployed black population could be the results in part by the fact that the majority of white people and white business owners have decided to not spend their money on people who they know have supported Obama, the man who is deliberately targeting white people in general and in particular white business owners.  I do not believe that it is any sort of organized boycott against black people, but I do believe it is a collective boycott toward all known obama supporters.  If I as a business man is going to be spending his hard earned money on. lets say purchase of goods and services.  If that business man or woman knows that his local suppliers are just like him and supports free market enterprise and voted against Obama and the other suppliers are known leftists-liberal radical type who he know voted for Obama, well you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who he will be spending his hard earned money to support.   

It is perhaps the same with employees.  Suppose you are a small business owner with 100 employees and because of Obamacare and other Obama policies that target you as a business owner and particularly as a white business owner and now you find that you have to lay off 20 employees.  Well it would be easy to figure out that perhaps that business owner will be laying off known Obama Supporters first and keeping those who he or she knew voted against Obama. 

Private Owned Business, be it owned by Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or otherwise is the place where people go to get a job.  Forget about getting a job in Government unless you are
(1) A Minority,
(2) Preferably Homosexual
(3) A proven Obama Supporter
(4) Female
(5) Atheist or preferably Anti-Christian and Anti-White. 

In the real World of economics even if all the people who are out of work could in fact get jobs working for the Government, we must understand and remember that 100 new jobs created by Obama and filled by his actual preferred class actually do not contribute to the health and well being of the economy.  All those paper shufflers in the numerous branches of government are in fact like little welfare recipients when it come to helping the economy.  They end up taking from the economy and actually paying back nothing.  What does contribute to the economy is the millions of little business owners across the country who employee people who contribute to the Government Income from Tax Revenue.  When all those idiots like Obama deliberate target those small business men and woman, well the end results of employment statistics is predictable.  It is higher unemployment and less actual revenue flow through out the economy.  

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