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Randal's Gun Talk and the 2nd Amendment
30 April 2015
American Citizens ARM Yourselves, it's your 2nd Amendment Right

One of my favorate personel weapons - FN FAL 308 / 7.62 X 51 mm Full Metal Jacket Nato Rounds with Holgraphic Site.  You might prefer the AR-10 which fires the same round as my FN FAL and is more easily aquired or perhaps the AR-15 which of course fires the more light weight 5.56 mm round.  You might even prefer the any of the AK  variety combat weapons which fire the 7.62 X 39mm.  You might also be wise to backup your combat rifle with a nice Glock 9 mm, just in case.   For myself I also have a nice addition for my FN FAL, The Bushnell Elite 3200 Tactical Rifle Scope 10x 40mm Mil-Dot Reticle Matte, for just those "Special Occassions" when I want to reach way out there and "Get Up Close and Personal".
Bushnell Elite 3200 Tactical Rifle Scope 10x 40mm Mil-Dot Reticle Matte
The FM FAL is currently my choice for a Sniper Rifle but NOT for my standard Combat Rifle.  That being said when I found that a friend wanted to part with it, I just had to have one.  Now for a standard combat rifle, yes I would choose the AR-15 and my second would be the AKM. 

The reason is quite simple, even though both the FN FAL and the M-14 are excellent for both Snipers as well as for combat, they are both very heavy weapons.  The FN FAL is comparable to the M-14 which is one of the weapons I was trained on when I was in the army and was attending "Sniper School".  The M-14 was most often the choice of Snipers in those days for the same reason that I prefer the FN FAL today, because of the versatility of a semi-auto combat weapon which will also provide you with the sniper capability.  In contrast if the sniper carries only an M40 rifle or if the civilian or militia carrys the civilian verssion such as the Remington 700 and perhaps a standard sidearm, he might feel a little inadequate should a need for semi-auto present itself to him.

It is true that in most civilian or militia situations it may in fact NOT be desired to have a heavier weapon such as the FN FAL or the M-14. The simple fact that the lighter the load you have to carry, the longer you will endure.  This is something drummed into all of us who are former LRRP team members.  So yes, I do also recommend the standard AR-15 and yes the 5.56 mm round if for no other reason because of the lighter load for the weapon and ammo.  Believe me when I say that in the middle of the hottest days of summer, you will feel the extra weight of the FN FAL and the M14 and also even the AR-10 although the AR10 is much lighter that the 2 previous ones mentioned. Additionally the extra weight of the ammo you have to lug around will also be wearing you down.  So all these factors do need to be considered and calculated when making your choice of which weapon to choose.

For me, I guess if I could have only one rifle to choose from it would have to be
Bushmaster AR-10
Bushmaster AR-10
Bushmaster AR-10 .308 ORC (Optical Ready Carbine)
Even though I am not getting paid to advertise it here, I did want to share a photo of one of my preivious purchases, which is a Bushmaster AR-10 - 308 Caliber.  The caliber is 308 win (same as a 7.62 MM by 51 NATO Round).  Standard  Magazine Capacity is 20 Rounds.  The overall length is 33 1/4 to 33 1/4 depending upon if you want the carbine, like I have. The Barrel Length is 16 inches with a Rifling 1:10 for those familiar with the technical detail.  The Maximum effective range is 1000 meters (individual / point targets) and the Maximum Range is 3754 meters and yes to achieve anywhere near 1,000 meters you wiull definately need a scope, preferably one cabably of 10 X or greater if possible.  Now for the weight considerations, the weight of this weapon without magazine is 7 3/4 pounds.  The weight of the magazine empty is 1/5 pound and with loaded magazine it will weight 1 1/2 pound so when caculating a standard 7 conbat load of 6 magazines plus one loaded in the weapon breaks down like this
Weapon with 1 magazine loaded = 9 1/4 pounds
Combat load 6 magazine in chest rig = 9 pounds or with 8 mag pouch chest rig - 12 pounds
some people like me prefer to wear an 8 magazine capacity chest rig but that increases the weight.
The current price of the Bushmaster
 MSRP (Price) $1395

AR15 Carbine

AR15 current prices around $600
Now compared to the AR-15 - firing the 5.5645mm
Weapon wight empy with iron sites = 5 1/2 pounds, makes it a nice pleasant walk in the park on a sunny day
Weapon with 1 magazine loaded = 6 1/2 pounds for loaded 30 round magazine
Combat load 8 magazine in chest rig = 8 pounds
total Weight of Weapon and 270 rounds = 14 1/2 pounds

So considering all of these factors one must agree that the AR-15 is far more prefered weapon to have and it doesn't cost as much either.  However the cost of the ammon can be a little bit more expensive that the AR10's 7.51 or the AK's 7.62 X 39.

Overall this would be a good choice for a general survival situation or if a situation occured where their was a civil war of any kind.  However I would also recommend the purchase of various spare parts such as the firing pin and other crucial items that could pobbibly fail from constant use.

So sonsidering the weight factor between the AR10 and the AR15 with the same amount of ammo would be about a 6 pound difference.

I would of course not rule out a standard AMK but the weight factor of weapon and ammon will have to be considred.  The AK would also probably be the same weight factors as the AR10.  It does however have a reputaion and history as being reliable and dependable even under the most harsh conditions and treatment.
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